Recovering from lost hardware…

Sorry folks. I am currently in recovery mode. First the logicboard of the Macmini that I used for my VPN connection burned out and yesterday someone in a black VW Transporter has stolen all my computer hardware while we are in Monza Italy for todays F1 race (VIP area above Nico Rosbergs pit box).

I have no idea when exactly we will be back on-line but new hardware will be available the day that I return.

Update: All hardware was tracked down and recovered by police in Morocco. Thanks to CCTV footage and a GPS chip in my Mac Pro.

20 thoughts on “Recovering from lost hardware…

    • Yes. My father was invited by Mercedes but he did not want to go and thus… We are going back home later today, but not without first having some fun with a Ferrari (absolutely 100% not mine of course).

  1. bastards, this terrible news, I know how it feels to be broken in to, sorry to hear about the bad news, hopefully the cops will sort to out!

  2. Argh dude !! Sorry to hear this – I hate thieves almost as much as liars, they both have behavioural patterns that take no one into account other than themselves!

  3. wow piker these idiots had no idea who they messed with haha 😀 i guess karma is really a biiiiitch 😀 i hope they get arrested and never come out this time since they seams pros if they could break in to your house mate 😦 glad you where away with ur family and didn’t meet such criminals you never know how such confrontation would have ended.

    • Sure thing, but I am also not going tell people anymore when I am on vacation (it was someone from “our” community that e-mailed me for the big giveaway). Or at least not with some kind of surprise for suckers. Anyway. We are back home to clean up the mess and are waiting for some people to install a new window. After that… we’ll see what happens 😉

      • I had understood that thieves did their job in Italy (my country)…
        I am disappointed for you but I am happy that this thing does not happen in Italy during your formula 1 visit in Monza!

      • Hi Fabio,

        No. It did not happen in Italy but during our trip to Italy. I tell you this. Spain sucks, and big time. There are too many immigrants that only come to clean us out while we are away. Shoplifting is also becoming a huge problem.

        Anyway. The F1 race is one to remember, but not due to the theft of my stuff, and the Italian folks are incredible great people. So nice.

        It was also good to see that Sebastian and Kimi were able to get a lot closer to Mercedes.

      • Yes. You have no idea how it feels. Trust me on this. It blows my mind. I am give hardware to people since 2013 – see Seasonic PSU article – and now this. Some people… but we continue. Stronger than before.

    • Yeah me too. Hopefully everything is still fine by the time it gets here.

      And if you ever get away, then remove the drives from your computer(s). It is a simple thing to do, and I am so glad that I did it. I did not want to do it – lazy me – but my father said that it is a smart thing to do and thus… all drives were removed. No data is lost!

      About the logic board. Nah. Replacing a logic board takes too long and was rather expensive so I went for a shared box that was installed a month ago in their colo. A quick and cheap solution. Very happy with it.

      • Sounds like fun. I am one of those kids (kid describes me well) that removes everything and operate on a Tails USB (w/o Persistence) on my systems and systems at those locations when I am out on a trip.

  4. I am really sad
    I wish VPN connection lost maybe power down.Some stolen my video camera and DSLR 3 years ago I know pain.

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