The winner of the #1 give away is…

The e-mail to the winner was sent a minute ago. Yes. You are the lucky one; Vince

You have 48 hours to reply to the e-mail and provide a shipping address!

Edit: Sorry. I made a typo in the name. It is Vince instead of Vance.

p.s. To the rest of you… note the #1 in the title. Good luck next time. It probably won’t be as big as this one. Not without sponsors 😉

Update: Vince replied in time, but he is on holiday – on a campsite – and he won’t return before August 23. Ok. No problem. We will store the box for you and ship it the day after we return from our holiday.

14 thoughts on “The winner of the #1 give away is…

  1. Pike you are one of the most generous people I know of. Countless hours of work and knowledge published for the world to see and use, now this. Thank you, the world would be a s*&TTy place without folks like you… Oh yeah, Congrats Vince!

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