Intel i7-6850K Geekbench results

Yesterday I blogged about my Intel i7-6800K Geekbench results and I said to replace the i7-6800K with the i7-6850K to see what that brings. Well. It’s not just the higher clock rate (3.6GHz versus 3.4GHz) but also the maximum turbo frequency (4GHz versus 3.8GHz) and some headroom for 200MHz extra OC.

Where is the Geekbench 3.4.1 result? Right. Here it is. Enjoy.

Back to work now…

Edit: I forgot to tell you something. I did not need VoodooTSCSync.kext with the i7-6800K and I also don’t need it with the i7-6850K so that is good news.

2 thoughts on “Intel i7-6850K Geekbench results

    • Thanks. Time will tell us if you are right, but for now; I am most likely the first (and only?) person to run a Broadwell E processor with XCPM registered in macOS Sierra 😉

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