Intel i7-6800K Geekbench results

I was fairly disappointed by the first Geekbench result but after a lot of changes and overclocking… todays Geekbench v3.4.1 score results went up from a low 2958 to a much higher score of 4229. Well. That’s more like it. No slouch after all 😉

But it doesn’t stop here. Nope. The Geekbench 3 results will be even higher when Asus has solved the G.Skill incompatibility bug in the BIOS – I have 128 GB running at a speed of 2133MHz instead of 3200MHz. Imagine what that will do to benchmark scores 😉

And there is another bug in the 601 BIOS. At least that’s how I see it. This one blocks me from enabling the C3 and C6 C-states – options are greyed out and MSR(0xE2) is missing the bits. The problem appears to be the CPU Ratio setting in the BIOS, since changing it from Auto to anything else (Sync All Cores or Per Core) basically disables the C-States setting.

Ok. I found a workaround for it, after fiddling with the CPU Core Ratio setting, but I love to see a real fix for it. Perhaps in the next BIOS update? One that doesn’t set the lock bit of said MSR?

On a side note. Why do I keep seeing the error that tells me that over clocking failed… and I have to press F1, when in fact I didn’t even – at that time – OC my rig?

Thanks Asus!

p.s. The i7-6800K is not a typo. Yes. I also have a i7-6850K waiting for this motherboard, and we will install it (again) sometime next week.

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