Say hello to new logging in Sierra…

One thing that I don’t hear people talk about is Apples new unified (system wide) logging system, introduced with Sierra, and that to me is odd, because it is totally different. I mean. You can forget about terminal commands like cat /var/log/system.log and we (developer, hackers et all) need to get ready for Sierra. We need to embrace sudo log (see man log) and get accustomed to all new (sub) commands and filter options. And quite a few I tell you, so start reading this document and Predicate Format String Syntax.

The Console app in the Utilities folder has also been updated, but I never really liked it, and I can’t tell (yet) if that will change. Always been more a keyboard hammer type of person. Thanks to my father I guess.

Nope. I am not going to retype the man page. You can read it yourself. Just type man log in a terminal window and start playing with your new toy 😉

p.s. Let me know if and what (sub) command you like use most…

3 thoughts on “Say hello to new logging in Sierra…

  1. Looking for something better than Console myself. Found this software a while back: … but will wait for Sierra-related changes.

    If anyone reads this and knows what I’m talking about: wth happened to Xlog? It’s gone gone gone. Any alternative?

  2. I had this article on-screen at work and my coworker was impressed with my “concern for the deforestation of the Sierra Nevada [in Central California].” Knowing you, I’m sure the pun was intentional! ^_^

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