Stock Apple IONVMeFamily.kext is a GO…

Yesterday I started looking into the IONVMeFamily.kext limitations and today I’d like to present you this screenshot:
The above output was captured after I ran a AJA disk test (see below) and yeah the performance is still a bit of a question mark, but perhaps this is due to my remote login, Sierra Developer Preview, or my patches need a little more love. I don’t know. Yet. Still rough. Will keep you posted.

Let’s not forget people. Your data should be absolutely safe so please relax and wait. Let me do my thing first.

Update: The performance may be fine after all – other SSD drives are much slower in Sierra. I’ll try to patch the kext for El Capitan tonight. Need to go back to work now…

Edit: I need a couple of AJA disk tests of the 256GB and 512GB modules so feel free to drop me a line per e-mail and I’ll share my current version with you. Sierra users only!

Update-2: Made some changes and now the read performance went up with ~700 MB/Sec.

Update-3: The RacerRehabMan’s AJA test screenshot that I received per e-mail pretty much confirms it; both the read and write performance of the patched binary is fine – the write speed of the 128GB modules is just a tad bit less impressive (per factory specs).
Much better – though he ran into a serious issue, the SSD got corrupted after running AJA tests on it. Something I had seen myself, but I have nine more updates waiting for test runs with AJA 😉

Update-4: I have replied to a dozen of e-mail requesting the patched binary, for testing, so please check your inbox.

If you did not receive my reply, then please ping me once again. Sorry for the delay, but I had so many request that I lost track of it.

Update-5: Marc (Mork vom Ork) confirmed that my patches are working, and he was so kind to provide the patch data for Clover users which we share here for you. Thank you Marc!

36 thoughts on “Stock Apple IONVMeFamily.kext is a GO…

  1. Hi,
    I have sm961 512g and I would love to try it on Sierra or El Capitan, could you please share you kext to me and than I can sent your the result.
    My email address: ******* Thanks in advance!

  2. Pike, feel free to use my eMailadress i used here to post my comments. i have SAMSUNG SM951 NVMe and SAMSUNG 950PRO NVMe i could test with. Also could test in M.2 slot directly or via M.2 PCIe card. I searched for your eMailadress, but couldnt find it on GitHUB Repositorys, sorry.

  3. Hello Pike, I’ve been away for a few days, thats why I didn’t send you the IOREG from the 1080. I’ve ben looking to find your email on your repos but I haven’t seen it anywhere like some have mentioned here, could you just please reply to the email I use in your wordpress? many thanks!

    • Mirone,

      I barely have time to do hack related work, let alone other silly things like searching for peoples e-mail addresses, in hundreds of new e-mails per week. Sorry. No exceptions here. You have to follow the rule and sent me an e-mail so that someone, someone that I hired for this, can reply and give you the file.

  4. I do not know what rules are you talking about,
    I think I lost something, but like me you also
    He is a free man to ignore silly things.
    All the best!

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  6. Do you think this will work with the forthcoming Samsung 960 Pro? I’m hoping to buy one when it’s released next month for my Hackintosh.

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