The first Intel i7-7700K Geekbench result…

Err. It’s not. Please read the bottom of this blog article.


Note: This is with some form of overclocking. Sorry. Can’t say anything else about it. Also note that the used model identifier (Macmini8,1) and board-id (Mac-50619A408DB004DA) were only used, I’m told, to make the setup easier. This is certainly not an indication of a new Mac mini (sorry).

Update: Wait a minute! This Geekbench result may be questionable, to say the least, because I also found this result:


Same score… but with a different model/memory configuration. We are also still months off of a release so let’s take this with a grain of salt.

Update 2: This is not a new Apple product, but one and the same hackintosh (with two different SMBIOS setups). Well. That is what I was told.

Update 3: I also asked for the IORegistryExplorer dump, which I always do, and got nothing. Not even a reply.

I then started to browse Geekbench results, and what do you recon. Look here. I am now convinced that the two Geekbench results are made up/fabricated. That these are fake. Rubbish.

Yeah. You know what they say. If it seems too good to be true… it probably is. Seriously? What is wrong with people?

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