P8P67-M PRO and El Capitan

I know someone with a small PC budget and he (11 year old youngster) is still using an old Asus P8P67-M PRO motherboard with Intel i7-2600K processor. Works fine with Yosemite, but he would love to use El Capitan so now I am looking for someone with the same kind of hardware…

Do you happen to have El Capitan running with this motherboard? A different processor is fine. He only struggles with the USB part of the installation, and I don’t have a lot of time to help him with this so if you could share the required patches/drivers, then that would be great.


10 thoughts on “P8P67-M PRO and El Capitan

  1. I have p8h67-v and there is not any issue with usb. Just the ehci renaming in dsdt and the latest rehabman genericusbxhci to enable asmedia usb3.

  2. I tried something similar. My USB3 ports are NEC/Renesas so I couldn’t install or boot El Capitan without turning off USB3 in BIOS. I couldn’t find a solution so I went back to Yosemite and kept my USB3 working.

  3. Hi Pike,

    I’ve got the P8Z68 and 2600K running clover. It’s a similar setup. If you want I’ll share what I’ve got. The machine is at my parents house and I go there only on weekends so you’d have to wait till then.

    I remember though that the USB ports were a challenge to get working.

    Good luck

  4. At the time of installation you have to disable USB 3.0 controller by disabling xhci mode (disabled). Install clover into pendrive and use AptioFix2Drv. Install should go by the way.
    Also use latest FakeSMC branch (RehabMan) one.

    EDIT: After that you also have to use RehabMan FakePCIID, XHCIMux kext to gain USB 3.0 functionality. Re-Enable xhci controller from bios after installation has been completed.
    It’s good to use the latest clover revision.
    Clover settings

  5. if it runs now with yosemite it will work with el capitan. Just use MacPro3,1 which has USB2.0 only and the rest won’t be a problem. Problem comes when you use system type which has USB3.0 and you don’t have that intel USB3.0 hardware. Therefor just use MacPro3,1. Cheers.

  6. Dear pikeralpha,

    I was thinking of a time when can I return something as my appreciate for you, not so long!

    Here’s the configuration about how Asus H67-M series on OS X:

    1. UEFIPatch: Unlock MSR 0xE2 lock(KernelPM otherwise).
    2. MMTool: Replace CsmVideo with Ozmosis’ Hermitcsmvideo(Note: This is used to fix graphic glitches with HDMI cable on HD3000 or HD4000, since we cannot disable CSM through BIOS).
    3. AMIBCP: Unlock BIOS menu, such as DVMT and Hibernation mode, CSM Support(No effect).
    4. Use Ez-flash to update the modified BIOS.

    BIOS setting
    1. Ai Tweaker–>VT-d = Enabled.
    2. Advanced–>ACPI Settings–>Hibernate Mode = Disabled.
    3. Advanced–>System Agent Configuration–>Graphics Configuration–>iGPU Memory = 32MB.
    4. Advanced–>SATA Configuration–>SATA Mode = AHCI.
    5. Boot–>CSM Support = Disabled.

    Clover config.plist
    1. ACPI/DSDT/SlpSmiAtWake = Yes.
    2. ACPI/SSDT/DropOem = Yes.
    3. ACPI/SortedOrder/SSDT-pr.aml (SSDT-pr.aml is generated by the great script by ssdtPRGen.sh)
    4. ACPI/SortedOrder/SSDT-HD3000-syscl.aml (SSDT-HD3000-syscl.aml is used to power up HD3000 and fix some known ACPI related issues).
    5. Boot/Arguments = dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1
    6. GUI/ScreenResolution = The best resolution on target display(Without this setting, OS X will boot into UI that is glitches).
    7. KernelAndKextsPatches/KextsToPatch: Framebuffer patch to enable HDMI and Boot graphics glitches patch.
    8. SMBIOS: Macmini6,2.

    1. OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi
    2. DataHubDxe-64.efi

    1. FakeSMC.kext
    2. AppleALC.kext to power up the Audio(inject the correct LayoutID).
    3. RealtekRTL8111.kext.

    P.S. More about ACPI tables on Asus H67-M series

    DSDT/SSDT(see https://github.com/syscl/ASUS-H67-series/blob/master/SSDT-HDMI-HD3000-6s.dsl)
    1. Insert snb-platform-id.
    2. Rename GFX to iGPU.
    3. Insert IMEI.
    4. Insert MCHC.
    5. LayoutID=0x3.
    6. Fix Darwin:
    7. Insert LPC(optional) since the id of H67-M is natively supported by AppleLPC.kext.

    If this can help your friend, I will be much appreciate since I learn a lot from you, not only your wisdom but also your altitude towards life. Thx piker!

    Best wishes!

    • What’s with the csmvideo stuff? I didn’t do anything about that on p8h67-v and I am not getting any graphic glitches at all. The PC uses Intel HD3000.

  7. I have same mobo and cpu, still running on 10.8.5. looking to accomplish this too. I can lose usb3 though. I need everything else to work. If I can get it working, I will post results.

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