New version of AppleIntelInfo.kext with Skylake support

Two days ago I blogged about OS X 10.11.4 Build 15E65 and Skylake graphics support and the problem I was having with the output of the Intel® Power Gadget (see below)
Note: The 3.3GHz should have been 1.1GHz.

A day later Patrick Konsor (Intel® rep) added a comment about a new version of the Intel® Power Gadget:

Just a note about Intel® Power Gadget, that version had an issue that reported GPU frequency 3x of the actual value (which was due to a change in the frequency multiplier). So 3.3 GHz really means 1.1 GHz. You can get the updated version with proper support for Skylake here

Thank you Patrick. And I have good news, because I can confirm that the latest version of the Intel® Power Gadget works with my Skylake processor (Intel® i7-6700) and his comment also made me aware of a problem in AppleIntelInfo.kext. Thanks for that. Already fixed and thus the new source code is now available for download.

Oh and previously I had this as output (example):

iGPU P-States [ 2 5 (6) 21 24 27 30 ]

And now this:

iGPU P-States [ 2 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 16 17 20 22 (23) ]

The output is backwards compatible with previous Intel® processors. Meaning that you should read the output as: 23 * 50 MHz = 1150MHz (for example). Which happens to represent the maximum frequency of the IGPU in my Intel i7-6700, so this output is now correct. I still wonder, though, why I see values below 350MHz (7 * 50).

Update: The source code of AppleIntelInfo.kext (version 1.5) is now available for download. This update will properly select Skylake processors, but we appear to have some issue with regards to the graphics configuration register output (they are all 0xffffffff) and that is not good. This may be due to SIP settings/changes, or we may have some error in the MMIO read function. Please test this for me, and if you can help me to fix this, then that would be great (swamped with other work already). Thanks!

Edit: It appears that the output is fine on Haswell based setups with El Capitan so this is something that came with the introduction of Skylake processors. The IOBAR is also enabled so that is not the problem.

7 thoughts on “New version of AppleIntelInfo.kext with Skylake support

  1. Hi Pike,

    how do I know if I need to install the AppleIntelInfo.kext? When I run the intel power gadget my IA: always seems Ok to me and the GT: is almost all the time 0,00GHz .. I think i noticed it only a couple of time change slightly – another thing is kind of strange tho. When I open my Systeminformation my Graphics Card says Intel HD Grpahics 520 1536 MB …. 1536MB LOL I’m on a laptop (i5 6200U)


    • You can use AppleIntelInfo.kext to see if power management is working, and/or to fine tune power management. It’s all up to you. By the way. Apple sets the 1536MB so what you see is the expected result. And if your laptop isn;t using the Intel GPU then it should read 0GHz. Moving windows around and running a GPU benchmark program like Cinebench should spike it up to about 1GHz (maximum frequency).

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