Hackintosh scene in apparent hibernation mode…

Hmm. There isn’t a lot going on in the Hackintosh scene right now is it? Almost like it entered hibernation mode. Too many lurkers. Little to none new developments. Next to a handful of people trying to solve issues that could have been solved months ago already.

Yeah. Isn’t it great when a hand full of big mouth loners kill off an entire community. I hope that you are not waiting for them to solve these issues, because it seems like they are going nowhere. Not a working solution. Not for anyone.

And by the time the first Beta of OS X 10.12 comes out… shocker! You won’t have to rely on any of them. I mean. Only one person helped me to solve the boot problems introduced by Yosemite, but nobody helped me to solve them for El Capitan. So guess what. If 10.12 comes out with what I have seen earlier today. Well. I must say this. Good luck to all of you! You are seriously going to need it, since I won’t be helping anyone anymore without you first stepping in and fix ‘issues’ like verbal abuse of a handful of suckers. First and foremost. Do not accept code theft – lack of credit – and please show some respect to me and my family! Hands off of family. Not just me and my family, but anyone else in our community too. Right. I am no longer accepting anything from anyone.

Take it or leave it. That is my final offer!

Edit: I blogged about this to reiterate what I said back in november which is that; I won’t return to the “IM Hackintosh Community” as it is. And I will not return.

The problem with some people on the Internet is that they lack reading comprehension (read, process and understand its meaning) and thus we also have to spell it out for them. Otherwise we end up with ill-thought-out posts, here and elsewhere, that pull my words out of context.

Ok. First. The IM part there refers to: insanelymac.com and thus when I said to sign off I clearly meant that I was singing out of the IM hack scene. I can, because I personally do not need IM. The people over at IM may need me/my help, but I much rather like to be productive and focus on what I do best. And we all know that I suck at helping end-users, but I won’t stay quiet when something bad happens.

Now. To the winers with their: “Grow up” and “You are a spoiled brat“. Right. That is the typical 13 year old approach, and thus your outburst won’t show up here. Feel free to come back, perhaps in a few years from now, when you are older, wiser and ready to address the issues that were brought forward. Don’t waste your time with meaningless posts here. That I will filter out anyway. Ah. So then they come with ‘censorship’. Really? Well. You may call it whatever you like, but once flagged as spam/trash… you won’t show up anymore. Not here anyway. So instead go fix something.

p.s. Don’t use services like sharklasers.com – already flagged as spam.

37 thoughts on “Hackintosh scene in apparent hibernation mode…

  1. Until now, I was completely unaware that abuse had occurred (now, I see your post from September 2013 …).

    The troublemakers may be loud-mouthed, but if they had voiced anything of real value, those things would have become widespread.

    Take consolation in knowing that good people will recognise and – ultimately – quietly ignore a troublemaker. The majority of people *are* good. Silent goodness surrounds you.

  2. It is unfortunate that there seem to alway be some people taking advantage of others or worse, discredit great achievements for whatever reason.
    And because they are not heard otherwise (for obvious reason) they tend to shout all the time.
    The machine behind the shiny surface of modern operating systems has become so complex, that it requires quite some time and dedication to be able to contribute on your level. I would call myself a keen observer, who has to pick his battles and focus on only a few subjects. And having worked in quality management for most of my carrier, I´d prefer few but quality contributions. I´d like to think that this might be a reason, why new developers doing it for the fun of it are so hard to come by.
    So please don´t get discouraged by the few troublemakers, there is a huge community out there, which values and appreciates your contributions

    • insanelymac.com And while they do have forum rules about personal attacks, they don’t seem to apply to everyone (some of the rubbish is still up). This is why I stopped replying/posting there – I only participate in a forum where people respect each other, and their hard work. I also expect people to step in and stop personal attacks. Right from the get go. But no. Not if your name is Pike!

      The latest verbal abuse started when I asked people to add credit to a patch that I came up with. A crucial patch at that time for booting El Capitan with a Skylake processor. What I was basically asking for is to add my copyright to it, which I can do because basically everything I write is automatically copyrighted. That’s the law.

      The problem is that ill-informed people think to know it better. What else is new. They think that I cannot do that, or should not do that. Their reasoning for denial is simple; I do so much work and come up with so many patches, that you would see my name everywhere, and if you “hate” someone to the guts… then some of them will do anything to stop you.

      First they said that my sister did not exist – they came up with the idea that my sister was my father. Yeah. Right. Two people in one family working on hackintosh stuff… that is impossible. At least for some short minded people. Then my sister got really sick and eventually died. Then they said that my sister never existed… so she never died. But they had the nerve to ask of a picture of her death certificate!!!

      My sister mentioned my name a couple of times, in her blog, probably because I did everything I could to help her. Knowing that something was up. At that time we did not know what was going on, but our gut feeling told us that something wasn’t right. And unfortunately for us. We where right. So my sister passed away and I stepped in. In my view a natural move, because without me much of my dads work, and that of my sister would have been gone.

      So now there where three people out of one family who offered to work on hackintosh stuff in their free time. Imagine their surprise. Simply impossible! Pike is either his sister, but wait. She did not exists so how is that going to work? Anyway. Ok. So then I became my father. Gosh. I even get confused during this write up so imagine the problems that I would be facing when I was acting as three different people.

      Luckily my sister got an internship at Apple and she blogged about what happend during a meeting. One of the results is something we call Apple pay these days. It all started with Steve Jobs walking in and saying: “I want this to go away” when he pulled the plastic cards out of his wallet. There was more but it doesn’t really matters. I mean. The short minded think that she never got an internship at Apple. My Father never worked for Intel/Apple. I never worked for Google Inc. That is (the latter). If we have to believe people like: “DownloadFritz” (not everything was addressed at him). And the list goes on and on for some other folks over at insanelymac.com

      Now fast forward. I came out with the fact that I have sworn the hippocratic oath, which makes me a Doctor. Just like my mother. Just like my father. Again three people in one family. Oh dear. But wait. There are twelve more Doctors in our family. And we all spent our free time somehow helping other people. but no. There isn’t anyone else working in the world of hackintosh, and that is obviously never going to happen due to the verbal abuse and lack of trust.

      So all in all. I don’t think that I should ignore lies and any kind of verbal abuse. We’ve worked too hard and shared too much of our free time, information and great solutions to be ignored to accept that people look away and ignore the fact that without our help… some of this would not ever have been possible.

      Also. People should be (made) aware, and I do that here, that there is a law in our country that makes it possible for me to address this kind of issues. Yes indeed. We do have the right to defend our title, family name and legacy and we are no longer tolerating any kind of (verbal) abuse. Not from anyone… and if that results in insanelymac.com being taking down (temporarily). Then so be it. That is not my problem. They have to fix their problems themselves (and that is why I said to hurt them where it hurt most, and I used my power at Google to collect evidence).

      Edit: I have since tried to make it clear, on request by DownloadFritz, that not every personal attack was done by him, but by others, but he thought that I was accusing him of everything. That is not the case. Should be clear now. Fair is fair.

      And sorry “DownloadFritz” but you have no voice here (anymore). Especially after your remark that I should take it up man-to-man. You may be a caveman, but most people here are normal civilized human beings.

      • There seems to be a lot of hating going on for no apparent reason. Can’t you ban those users from seeing your posts at im? I don’t get these people. What’s their problem? Asking for id cards? That seems quite ridiculous. Are you sure it’s not some tactics to discover identities?

  3. Piker, I do not consider myself part of any community, nor a developer although 30 years ago, but in the days of mainframes, I coded. I’m involved with hackintosh and real macs there are three years, and have learned a lot, especially here with you. Take this into consideration, because I believe that there are many others like me … I have been following your health problems and family incidents and I can only wish you the best. I respect any decision from you, but I support to continue helping us, the invisible users.

  4. As with all great pieces of work there is ” A phase of Denial, then Retaliation and then comes Acceptance”. Galileo was jailed for saying earth revolves around the Sun. Hope you will keep up your great work.

  5. Hi Pike,
    This is truly terrible activity that is unfortunately all too common on the internet. As you mention, the only way to combat it is for all of us to stand up against it when we see it rather than standing silent on the sidelines. Do know that your work for the community is certainly appreciated and respected despite these highly vocal cyberbullies. I wonder what set them off–– the copyright issue? I really don’t understand how copyright on a patch that is available free and openly to the public has them so incensed. If you do decide to leave the community know that you really will be missed. As you mentioned, these folks may be singing a different tune when 10.12 comes around.

  6. In every community, every society there are different groups of people: first of all the “creators” and makers”, the ones that propel things forward. The smallest group as well. Then there is the biggest group, the “followers”. These use the results the former group has achieved. They cannot, or want not or simply arent _that_ interested to belong to the first group, so while some of them contribute as well, their share isnt that big as the first group. But within this group the vast majority is well aware of the achievements the first group has made and respects that. Then there is the third group – ironically at least in parts also a subset of the second group – and these are the haters and the enviers. Some of them want to be in the first group, but arent capable enough, some of them are simply narrow minded and sometimes stupid as hell (or even deluded by the wannabes!).

    Well, this is the way of human nature! And that essentially applies to EVERY bigger group of human beings, down to the people you work with in your daily job. So I think you will have to deal with that anyways, or you could simply quit society as a whole and become Robinson. But ask yourself: will you really want the trolls to win? If you quit contributing and sharing your valuable work, you will actually harm all that “followers”, therefore also the ones who DO respect you and your work (including the ones from the “maker” group!), and you will actually support your “enemies” and all those sh*theads – who in turn will start bullying someone else, because hey! It worked! Now lets do that again!

    I mean, some of the BS some people threw at you (and I saw it by myself) is either so disgusting (the whole stuff about your family) or so deeply utterly stupid and ridiculous (People that call themselves “blabla-whatever” accusing you of using a nickname, in a public forum – I mean WTF?) that at least in the latter case the only thing you should do about it is to laugh – loudly. All those sh*theads will deface _themselves_ sooner or later anyways, anyone with some braincells left can see that. And therefore, I think that IM shouldnt have deleted all those posts, by doing that they protect those idiots more than anyone else, bc everybody could clearly see how much they were wrong. But IM is not the end of everything, and IM itself is composed of many little parts as well, and they are NOT all the same – so why dont you just ignore them? Hatred bears hatred, but it is the challenge of the wise ones to break that vicious circle.

    So it would be quite sad if you would quit just because of some sociopathic dumbheads. I and many others appreciate and support your work.

    tldr; Please, do not feed the trolls!

  7. Pike, believe me when I say this — there are many of us out there, sending positive energy to you and your family. I check your blog weekly — sometimes daily. Though my speciality is not within the confines of coding or even computer sciences specifically, but that of product design, I have taken a vast amount of personal growth and knowledge from your teachings.

    I (and many of us) started with no knowledge of even what a kernel extension is and entered a community for many various reasons too long to list. It’s people like yourself that have devoted so much time, energy and emotion that provide people like me options and a choice. On top of that very special contribution you also provide in-depth explanation, eventually giving us yet another choice to learn to take on various problems ourselves. Because my own interests and passions differ from yours I will never be able to contribute to the community like you and other “heavy hitters” do. We all have our own roles to play.

    The point I’m trying to make is that you are desperately needed, now more than ever, as you stated yourself — at a time of hiatus within the community. I really hope that based off a few bad apples (no pun intended) that you can recognize the majority of us, even the silent types, are listening, watching and most of all, appreciating everything you do.

    On a lighter note I’ll end with an awesome quote that will hopefully lighten things up a bit: (keeping in mind I have a design degree): “There are three roads to ruin; women, gambling and technicians. The most pleasant is with women, the quickest is with gambling, but the surest is with technicians.” -Georges Pompidou

  8. This is not so with you, with all
    get over it and lift your head, then move on,
    I know how much is disheartening to see that other people
    They do not recognize their hard work, and even attack him
    making assumptions that you are 3 people, they should not
    worry about who you are but what you share
    his knowledge with everyone. I already told you before,
    when the stupid can not argue with people
    smart they will attack you personally.
    but the decision is yours.
    all the best, cordially,


  9. Sounds like you you need a’cuppa Chamomile, my Brother 🙂

    Glad to see some fire within you again, though it does seem that it has burned you least when it should ;/

    Look-away, Brother,
    Lest your sight grow blurry,
    And miss importance.

    Regards, Splifingate

  10. I used to work in prepress. With the release of Photoshop and Illustrator and Quark XPress, there was thought there was no need anymore for film compositors (film strippers) who could manually assemble and register negative film (that makes printing plates). This skill stopped being taught at technical colleges, and you’ll never guess what happened over the next 10 years. Designers took those tools and made logos/layouts that were too complex to print.

    Where were the film compositors then? They were nowhere to be found.

    You are the ‘film compositor’ of the Hackintosh. You may not get the respect you deserve from the ‘designers’, but you are more in need now than ever before!

    I for one hope you rethink your decision. The prospect of the blind leading the blind on Hackintosh makes me shudder. I think Apple will eventually lock out all Hackintoshing, but until then, you will be remembered fondly as a major contributor.

  11. Hey Pike,
    I’m very sad to hear of your decision but I feel you.
    Nevertheless I’d like to make clear that your work on keeping this great project alive was appreciated by a lot of people, who may or may not have been vocally supportive of your efforts.
    Don’t let these trolls bring you down and remember that besides being a driving force of innovation and a big step in the human evolution the internet is also a sea of cowards.
    If you find it in your heart to keep developing, there are certainly many of us who will dearly appreciate it.
    Wishing you and your fam the best.
    Written from a Hackintosh 😉

  12. I respect everybody who is enjoying the hackintosh scene and this spans from beginners till superior geniuses like you. Although I’ve build a lot of Hacks and they are getting better and better when time flies. My latest skyline build was possible due your investigations and results to get this working Thank you for this! I asked many times before your findings at insanely would it be possible a new hack on skylake and every time the answer was “You’re better of with a z97” even the latest iMac was revealed using skylake too. And the old jokes about TonyMacOSX that he steals everything can be true i don’t know. What i do know is that the forums and discussions are with respect. So piker please don’t leave us! Don’t let the wankers acquiescing you and ignore them, thats life wankers are everywhere.

    Sorry for my bad English

  13. Well, Dr Alpha,

    thanks for your contributions so far.

    I still hope that you won’t cease to publish your findings, at least here, not on an online forum. Any community is a pyramid: the creators are few at the very top, immediately followed by the few people who are able to understand them. The larger community is mostly comprised by people who are either in a need to be spoon-fed, they have a very vague idea of what the subject is.

    In the middle there are both grateful consumers who genuinely try to share what they learned, and outright frauds who want to get famous fast (and maybe make a quick buck, I dunno). They like to act as if the post counter on a forum makes them experts. They publish hundreds of astonishingly low-quality “tutorials” and link to them copiously. In the latter years, it became really hard for me to search for useful information, just because top search results are this step-by-step rubbish.

    And I can count on one hand people who are contributing (some of them may be jerks to some extent, but that’s not the point) stuff that’s useful: you, the few committers to the Clover project, netkas, RehabMan from tonymacx86, and that’s probably it. I have sent exactly one pull request for the ACPIBatteryProject fixing it for Thinkpad X220, so I don’t count, I’m afraid.

    The problem with the hack scene is that if there’s no fun in doing stuff, if developing software, drivers, and patches is not rewarding in and of itself, there’s no other reward. I, for one, wouldn’t expect people to thank me, because humankind as a group is not a grateful one; people are quick to blame you if they applied your stuff and their motherboard fried, but they won’t say a word if everything worked. There are people who think that if a source code is accessible, there’s nothing wrong in appropriating it with no credit. You cannot make a business from hackintosh because the fruit company would be after you (except if maybe you develop a driver for your piece of hardware and you want to make sure that it can work fine on both bona fide macs and hacks, and you don’t talk aloud about that hack part). You cannot go by your real name unless you can CYA… And to top it all, the user base that’s even able to appreciate your work is smaller than that of NetBSD. (Maybe slightly larger than that of Haiku OS.)

    It’d be sad to lose you as a hackintosher, Doctor, but maybe that’d be better than having a burnout because of the scene being unrewarding and hostile. Your patients need you. Your family needs you. I’m around the same age as you and you’ve accomplished a damn lot more, and that’s something, I think.

    That said, a hack related note or two in a while would be… nice.

  14. Hey Pike,
    Never spoken before but without your work my build would have never been complete. I for one am grateful for what you have done in the hack community. I may be still a novice in the hackintosh scene but when pro’s like you develop methods, patches, programs that help everyone you deserve credit.
    Hi five buddy, keep up the fantastic work.

    Negative comments are not needed and are most likely posted by loners with a jealousy issue of someone smarter than they are.


  15. Hi Pike

    I still have learner plates on when it comes to hackintosh and have relied heavily on resources that good people like yourself have had a heavy hand in contributing to. I would still be wandering around in darkness if those resources weren’t there. I can’t be alone, there must be fair a few of us out there. I’m sure everyone in our situation can only have respect and offer thanks and credit to smarter people like you for your time and effort. There’s always the chance we may be a minority at times, but hey doesn’t mean we’re not there. We appreciate what you do.


  16. Too bad there isn’t a “Like” button available on those sites for contributors such as yourself, It would allow a quick appreciation without clogging up threads, and perhaps counter some of the ungratefulness of other users.

  17. I bet you will censor this msg as well as all the others. But one question allowed? I have never ever seen you in any of the release notes of Clover or Ozmosis. Why ist that? I never saw you actively developing on irc when Apple released new software. The guys on irc are fast with developing, two days later you come up with the same fix. How comes?

    • You can’t seriously blame me (nor anyone else) for blocking insensitive posts and factorial incorrect posts, from people like yourself, who come here with BS like: “The guys on irc are fast with developing, two days later you come up with the same fix. How comes?

      That never happened! And thanks but no thanks, but I don’t use IRC, and I am not going to use it either. I have my own network. There people have no issues with AMD graphics cards, because I solved the puzzle months ago already. The same thing that your so called developers are trying to solve for months already. Yeah. So funny.

      And marked as spam… Auf Wiedersehen!

      • Clover is fine for most people, but for me, personally, it is not what I need. I’m more a research type of guy, and what I have been doing so far for the macosxbootloader and legacy boot loaders like Chameleon/Chimera and RevoBoot requires a different type of developer. Someone like me. Not afraid to waste time trying to figure out how stuff really works. But ultimately… Clover is doing fine without my help.

  18. Piker ich habe bemerkt dass du auch Deutsch kannst was mich sehr freut denn so kann ich meine Meinung leichter und verständlicher schreiben. Ich bewundere deine Hingabe und Leistung die du täglich bringst bzw, gebracht hast in der Hackintosh-Szene und ich finde dass du ein riesen Verlust bist. Wenn ich mir so die Entwicklung ansehe mit El-Capitan und den kommenden Syklake CPUs in den MacBooks da fällt mir nur dein Name zu ein der aktiv Lösungen für all die User (wie Ich) findet und hilft wo er nur kann. Von daher Piker lass dich nicht unterkriegen wir brauchen solch einen Typ wie dich. )

    • Thank you Andy. Yes. I have no problem with the German language (third language for me) but other people here may not understand it (well enough) and that is why my reply is in English.

      And no worries. I am perfectly fine. My blood pressure is great and I won’t get frustrated by silly comments. Rest assured. My work here will continue, until I need my time for something else (like working on ZIKV research in Amsterdam). Not because of a hand full of angry people who like to disrupt everything. That won’t work with me.

  19. Thank you for all you have done for us. I understand very well your desire to do research, rather than mere coding. That is the way to go. Never give up on research, understanding the problems and issues, and solving them. I see my younger self in you but I could not be where you are. But that is how it should be, younger generations must be much better and more advanced, so that human race can make real and solid progress.

    I was so moved by what you have gone through and came out a real survivor. I put myself in your shoes and I can feel your trauma. As if those are not enough, some people without empathy deliberately seek to hurt you for helping others. I understand your decision and I completely agree with you. You did the right thing. You cannot be in an environment where you become target to be willfully hurt by some people and there are no repercussions. These people do not understand how much their attacks are hurtful. I am sure they will someday understand and some of them may even apologize. But that does not solve the problem, because others will take their place.

    I do not have time to contribute to the wonderful work you were doing, unfortunately, but I donated and I will be happy to donate more. Your contributions, not only as help to others but as technical marvels deserve admiration. I watched very carefully, whenever I have the time, especially in the developer forum, how well and harmonious you and your colleagues worked together. I was remembering my old research days. Therefore, it was sad for me to see it practically stopped.

    I was keep thinking what can be done? Is there a solution? I knew going back to same thing is not an answer. In my opinion, it is good that you are not doing that. You went through enough. You do not need any more hurt. While thinking, I read a note you wrote here, which made me think that the answer is here, right in front of us. We need to find a forum or make our own where you and your colleagues can control the postings and shut down any users whose intentions are not to seek help but to seek harm. Their posts should be stopped from appearing and not allowed to post again. Like your interesting blog web site here. I am not very good at these but I am hearing that nowadays it is not too difficult to setup a simple forum web site if a suitable forum hosting service cannot be found. If there is any hosting fees etc., I am willing to contribute. The traffic is not huge so it should not be very expensive to be hosted.

    I hope this works and I can see you and your excellent team working together again, so nicely and harmoniously. It will be a joy just to read and watch the brains working, finding problems and solving them. I will, of course, be very happy to use and enjoy your and your colleagues ripened fruits.

    I am also very happy to see that you are staying strong and not letting anything to hurt yourself, your family and your work. My heart is always with you.

  20. Hi pike, I just wanted to say myself and lot of other people really do care about all the work you have done. I for one have only started my first real hackintosh over a few months ago and have learned a lot. For a lot of the stuff I don’t know what it is but I’m always willing to learn and your work does help. Some people are just jealous of the work you can and have done, from reading the other comments I hope you and your family are doing alright. And remember that without your work I may not have learned what I have so far, so a true thank you.


    (Just waiting on Apple to release skylake graphics drivers so I can actually have QE/CI enabled haha)

  21. I was a hudge fan of revogirl since the begining,and still hard to me understand how she archieved that amount of knowledge on hackintosh on that age.

    Seems to be that your family was fantastic on software coding like MJ family was for music.

    Btw if you can contribute for ZIKV research in Amsterdam, go for it!! its a lot more important!!

    PPL here in brazil are trying to kill the Aedes aegypti ,by any means, that will not work, we need to cure the mosquitoes ,need them free from zikv.

    • Thanks. That is exactly what I am doing right now, traveling back and forth – usually on monday to Amsterdam and back home on thursday. Yes. I am very happy with what we are doing and it is a pleasure to work with great people again. Away from all meaningless noise.

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