Beta v17.5 released

We have a new update of ready for download and this version (17.5) will show a notice when a file download occurs, includes a fix for an issue that I missed earlier, but more importantly. It will also fix for issue #192. Something that more people have been waiting for – for too long already – and simply because I missed the root cause of the bug.

Thanks to Tony for filing this bug report as a Github issue!

One thought on “Beta v17.5 released

  1. Hi Alpha
    I have x99 gaming g1 wifi Board.this board need FakeCPUID=0x0306E4 If add this ID AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Loaded.

    Version: 218.0.0
    Last Modified: 2016-01-06, 2:13 PM
    Bundle ID:
    Loaded: Yes
    Obtained from: Apple
    Kind: Intel
    Architectures: x86_64
    64-Bit (Intel): Yes
    Location: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
    Kext Version: 218.0.0
    Load Address: 18446743521856500000
    Loadable: Yes
    Dependencies: Satisfied
    Signed by: Software Signing, Apple Code Signing Certification Authority, Apple Root CA

    I am looking for any Kernel patch for Enable this kext?
    Thank you for your hard work.

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