OS X 10.11.4 Build 15E27e comes without Skylake graphics drivers

Earlier today Apple seeded a new beta to registered developers of OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan (Build 15E27e) and the first things that I noticed was that the Skylake graphics drivers are missing. Apple may include the missing drivers in a future beta seed, but for now they not there anymore.

People without a Developer Program Membership can use one of the CatalogURL’s or simply download the latest beta by following this link (search for: OSXUpdCombo10.11.4DeveloperBeta.pkg).

6 thoughts on “OS X 10.11.4 Build 15E27e comes without Skylake graphics drivers

  1. Hello! I have seen a post on insanelymac that you tested el capitan with some q170 based board which you said matched apple, is it so? I’m just looking forward some q170 board and i would love to hit most native hardware. The problem is that 10.11.3 AppleLPC kext still does not contain any 10 series LPCB controllers dev id’s. Some users pointed that new 17.* iMacs have special os version something like I would love to know may be 10.11.4 have new ids. Sorry i don’t have a hack right now to find it out my self, my ivy bridge hack died 😦 Sorry for bothering you, thanks!

  2. I was running on that beta this entire time until 10 minutes ago. Yeah the graphics were garbled, but I had QE/CI. I have intel HD 520 though.

    • Oh? Since when are Skylake drivers added to the installer? Last time I checked they were still missing.

      Edit: On now I see it. Oops. I was still looking at the wrong (developer) PKG. Thank you for sharing this here!

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