Copyright issues on the horizon…

I want to share something with you that may be important to you.

A British law firm, with offices in the US, contacted me on my mobile phone and asked me if I was willing to share data from IM members. Long story short. I have nothing to share since I do not know anyone so nope.

Which itself is strange because A) I have a private number and B) Almost no one knows this number. So what I’d like to find out is; How did they get my phone number?

Also. In the second phone call that I had with one of their lawyers, in which she put some serious pressure on me, it was all about copyrights. About sharing copyright protected material. I however never did and never will share files, so what is this about? Where is this coming from?

Then in a third phone call she made a sudden U-turn and things went from weird to nuts! I cannot share what she said, but I asked her to contact our lawyer. That is all I can say about it. And there is more that I cannot share with you, but something is going from ‘weird’ to ‘nuts’ and I have no idea what this is about. Fact is. It started right after the smear attacks over at IM. Hmm. Lovely. And what a ‘coincidence’ isn’t it?