Copyright issues on the horizon…

I want to share something with you that may be important to you.

A British law firm, with offices in the US, contacted me on my mobile phone and asked me if I was willing to share data from IM members. Long story short. I have nothing to share since I do not know anyone so nope.

Which itself is strange because A) I have a private number and B) Almost no one knows this number. So what I’d like to find out is; How did they get my phone number?

Also. In the second phone call that I had with one of their lawyers, in which she put some serious pressure on me, it was all about copyrights. About sharing copyright protected material. I however never did and never will share files, so what is this about? Where is this coming from?

Then in a third phone call she made a sudden U-turn and things went from weird to nuts! I cannot share what she said, but I asked her to contact our lawyer. That is all I can say about it. And there is more that I cannot share with you, but something is going from ‘weird’ to ‘nuts’ and I have no idea what this is about. Fact is. It started right after the smear attacks over at IM. Hmm. Lovely. And what a ‘coincidence’ isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Copyright issues on the horizon…

  1. Good Morning Piker, maybe a same case that occurs in Germany? Some laws firm, search in your Internet line, and when see (i know that you don’t seed any copyright file) if your activity are little souspicious (something wrong, or a thing that nothing have to be with you), and then call you to force a trial, for anything that you don’t do. Be careful. Usually scams.

    Greetings from Spain.

    Chemary85 😉

  2. the strange thing about all this It’s: like they know your phone number? Another thing: if they know your telephone number they know very well who you are and where to find you Why accuse you of hiding behind proxies? Besides the numerous debates that they did about your identity over the years would fall apart with someone knowing your phone number for me there is no one of IM.

    • It’s a law firm that got my phone number and contacted me. Not someone from IM. Only the IP number of the proxy service that I used was given out. That itself is strange, but not a problem for me. I couldn’t care less about anything. There is nothing to hide/no (traces of) illegal activities on it.

      I mean. Many people in the IM community already know that I don’t have a hack at home. What I do is login to a remote computer, and then via a proxy make contact to IM. This server is still running, but if they confiscate that computer, then that is also fine by me. The owner of it will probably be less amused, but there is nothing but friendly chats on it. Most of which isn’t even related to the Hackintosh community, so it’s not like I suddenly need to wipe drives.

      About the numerous debates. I have been pretty lucky so far. There wasn’t that much noise. Only a couple of smear attacks and some discussions with wild speculative ideas. Funny. And always from the same small group of people. I guess that this is the low side of the Internet. Or should I say some people?

      About my identity. That is nobodies business. I am who I am. But this is food for the administrators and forum owners. I mean come on dudes. There is no rule that some joker may request a death certificate! What the hell is this for forum?

      • For me I don’t care who you are, you share your knowledge and that’s all. but the fact that a law firm could get to you through your IP is quite interesting. you always talk of a remote computer, and it is also not a Mac Mini? well I hope that all ends well.

      • Yes it is. I rent one of the 100 Mac minis in one of their colocations. From the same company who shared my phone number, by the way, but I seem to have signed for it (contract). The SSD is already cloned but like I said. There is nothing on it.

  3. Well, at first it sounds like a scam. On the other hand: “About sharing copyright protected material” – I mean the only company which comes to my mind that _could_ claim something in this regard is …. Apple? But I cannot imagine they are behind this, I mean if they are really eager to shutdown the hackintosh community they surely have other means, and after all they are still making money out of it (App store and the “halo” effect). I mean, the lawyer didn’t tell you for whom they are working? Very strange indeed, but I’d still guess its a scam or something like this.

    • No. Someone in the IM community complained about me. That I shared copyright protected material, but I never did and never will, and this law firm is real. It’s not a scam. They have a name of going after people who share stuff (like torrents). They work on a no-cure-no-pay basis and some companies appear to be interested in resolving copyright issues. This law firm also recently assisted to get someone to confess and pay a fine. Serious matter. No joke.

      • Well so it sounds more like some kind of “revenge” for whatever. Since you never shared anything I think you should be safe, no need to worry.

  4. The law firm was probably acting on a malicious “tip” alleging patent/intellectual property rights infringement and was able to use intimidation of the source of your personal phone number to get it by alleging that they could/would be held partially responsible for the infringement if they did not divulge.

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