AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext is not for Skylake

Apple is pulling a trick on us because AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext in El Capitan OS X 10.11.1 (Build 15B42) is not the one for Skylake. Why else is Apple checking for Broadwell ID’s? Come on Apple. What the heck is this?

000000000001164b	cmpl	$0x160e8085, %eax       ## imm = 0x160E8085
0000000000011650	jg	0x1165b
0000000000011652	cmpl	$0x16068086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16068086
0000000000011657	je	0x1168a
0000000000011659	jmp	0x11692
000000000001165b	cmpl	$0x161e8085, %eax       ## imm = 0x161E8085
0000000000011660	jg	0x11672
0000000000011662	cmpl	$0x160e8086, %eax       ## imm = 0x160E8086
0000000000011667	je	0x1168a
0000000000011669	cmpl	$0x16168086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16168086
000000000001166e	je	0x1168a
0000000000011670	jmp	0x11692
0000000000011672	cmpl	$0x16268086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16268086
0000000000011677	jne	0x11683
0000000000011679	movb	$0x1, 0x24a4(%r13)
0000000000011681	jmp	0x11692

0000000000011737	cmpl	$0x160e8085, %eax       ## imm = 0x160E8085
000000000001173c	jg	0x11745
000000000001173e	cmpl	$0x16068086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16068086
0000000000011743	jmp	0x11766
0000000000011745	cmpl	$0x161e8085, %eax       ## imm = 0x161E8085
000000000001174a	jg	0x1175a
000000000001174c	cmpl	$0x160e8086, %eax       ## imm = 0x160E8086
0000000000011751	je	0x11766
0000000000011753	cmpl	$0x16168086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16168086
0000000000011758	jmp	0x11766
000000000001175a	cmpl	$0x161e8086, %eax       ## imm = 0x161E8086
000000000001175f	je	0x11766
0000000000011761	cmpl	$0x16268086, %eax       ## imm = 0x16268086

The correct Sky Lake Integrated Graphics device-id’s are:

0x191e0000 – Skylake ULX GT2
0x19160000 – Skylake ULT GT2
0x19260000 – Skylake ULT GT3
0x191b0000 – Skylake HALO GT2
0x19120000 – Skylake Desktop GT2
0x19020001 – Skylake Desktop GT1
0x19170001 – Skylake Desktop GT1.5
0x19120001 – Skylake Desktop GT2
0x19320001 – Skylake Desktop GT4
0x19160002 – Skylake ULT GT2
0x19260002 – Skylake ULT GT3
0x191e0003 – Skylake ULX GT2

We also learned previously that the frame buffer data is there already so this is still all a bit contradicting.

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