Free Intel® i7-6700

I am speechless. I received a gift from Intel

Came with a nice note. Hey. What else can I say other than:

Thank you very much Intel

Time to setup a second Skylake based hack. Who is here to jump in? Asus, Gigabyte or Asrock? Oh wait. That was Gigabyte… yet again. Thank you guys!

Edit: The box from Intel arrived on Monday. The motherboard from Gigabyte on Tuesday, but I am still waiting for the G.Skill TridentZ modules to arrive. Not that it really matters, because I don’t have the time to setup a new Skylake configuration. Hopefully some time soon. Will keep you posted.

17 thoughts on “Free Intel® i7-6700

  1. Very good man! Sorry but I will ask you something here. I know you don’t want people use your blog for ssdtPRGen bugs but I have a little answer. I’m having infinite restart loops since a long time in my hack. Anyway these are very sporadic restarts and I think that happens when I play with my SMBIOS. Very occasionally I change the model in the SMBIOS keeping the SSDT generated for other model. Having an SSDT generated for an specific model and the SMBIOS with another model can generate these restarts? Hope you answer.

    Thanks for your help, best regards.

    • Hi Frank,

      Infinite reboot can be caused by anything, but the most likely cause is that your setup isn’t configured correctly. Yes. The model/board-id combo can be problematic, but like I said. It can be anything. Visit one of the usual forums and look for similar threads, if not found, then start your own thread and make sure that you provide all the required info like type of boot loader and settings. The used model/board-id combination. The used hardware and version of OS X.

      In the end, and you already know this, but this is not the place to ask this so… good luck on the other side!

      • Thanks man, I will ask for help in the forums. Congrulations for the Intel and keep sharing knowledge! Regards.

  2. Hello Pike,

    i am a big fan of your work. Nice to see that big companies like intel are too. I see that you received a gift and i have to ask, were you able to get full acceleration for that HD 530? I have a mobile version 6700HQ with same HD 530 and i can’t make it work. I mean i have the resolution but with no acceleration. System info reports No kext loaded. Dmesg is reporting issues with framebuffer.


    • Yes. For this you have two options. The first one can be found in my blog (somewhere) and the other involves a change of the frame buffer, from 0x00001219 to 0x03001219. This to prevents the check in the driver from unloading the driver. I also only use one port, for testing, and thus the rest of the ports are set to 0xff (disabled/unused). After that the error was gone.

      Please note that my desktop DVI monitor is connected to the first frame buffer (0xff000000, which I changed to 0x00000800 for your info) but where is your display (monitor) showing up in IORegistryExplorer? Is that the same (first) frame buffer?

      p.s. I am currently in Amsterdam (Pathé Arena) to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in IMAX3D) and I am heading back into the line (movie starts in seven minutes) and will update my blog next week.

      • The one what i found on your blog is the one you already mentioned. But changing the hex of framebuffer kext did not solve the issue. Also you mentioned 0x03001219 but on your blog i can see this value 0x01001219 as replacement. Anyways neither of them works. I am still getting the error. About the display i am really noob in these kind of things. I ran the registry explorer but i did not see anything related to your question.

        PS: hope you had a nice star wars night. Its a great movie.

  3. pike, can you let me know how you got OSX installed on skylake platform without getting “cannot find a driver for this platform acpi”? I have Z170 deluxe and 6600k . And no matter what i do i cannot get past that KP when i boot the installer USB

    • Sorry, I am way too busy with more important stuff. Not to mention that installation instructions are a no go for me. Please visit and/or and search for Z170 + skylake guide(s).

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