Is USB not working in El Capitan for you?

Is USB not working for you in El Capitan. Ok. Here is a tip: read this guide and check if that helps.

Let me know if that help. Thanks.

/me Going back to bed. Still not fit (stupid flu).

10 thoughts on “Is USB not working in El Capitan for you?

  1. not works, at least in my machine, EX58-UD3R, USB 2.0 works, but my pcie USB3.0 dont works
    It’s possible that have to add pcie devid to DSDT?

    Thanks in advance Piker! 😉

  2. Guide wasn’t meant to fix 3rd party USB 3.0 controllers like VIA. Not a complete loss but hoping someone investigates this issue.

  3. Hi, Piker, thank you for your work.
    I have an old Gigabyte mobo, GA-P55-USB3, I followed the guide you linked but my USB3 are not intel, maybe Nec o Renesas.
    Is there any chance to develop a solution or I have to stop at 10.10?

  4. My laptop with hm76 and xhci 8086:1e31 freezes during boot if xhci is enabled in bios. This is not a DSDT related problem, I tried all possible DSDT injectors etc solution. Do you know if it could be related to some electric settings in the bios like PLL or similar?

  5. Hi and thanks for your contributions.
    I have a Asus G73JH-X1 running UEFI, HM55 and core-i7 720QM, USB2.0 only. config MBP6,2 the machine works flawlessly on yosemite. El capitan there is a sleep issue with usb enabled. if i disable EHC1 and ECH2 in the uefi menu, sleep will work. i have tried disabling port injectors, hub injectors, port-hub injectors, more acpi patching do not work.

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