Apple September Event

I had the pleasure of working with the new iPad Pro – for a brief period of time – and I must say… I was impressed. First. I keep zooming in on my iPad Air 2, but that I think is history now. Yeah I know. I have bad eyes. Anyway. I find the iPad Pro a lot heavier than my iPad Air 2, and it’s not a pleasure to carry around with. My gestimate (lol) is that the next iPad Pro will be lighter. Much lighter I hope.

And why isn’t there a new iPad Air 3? Is that because Apple expect people to purchase a new iPad Air, instead of the iPad Pro? Nah. My guess is that a new iPad Air, one with the same processor, would have been even faster than the iPad Pro, and that would have been hard to justify… for something with a price tag starting at $799.


I find the price of the new keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro a bit too steep. I myself also prefer a Logitech keyboard over the Apple one. Don’t ask me why. I just love Logitech gear.

Apple Pencil

Apple should have called it the Apple Stylus… but that would have been awkward for what Steve Jobs had to say about it; Who needs a stylus. Remember? Well. I do love the new Apple Pencil. Drawing is much more precise and way more fun now, but $99 for this? Come on guys. You don’t have to cash in anymore. $69 is enough IMHO.


So you’ve seen pictures of the Apple event huh? Well. I love this one. It’s Tim Cook taken from the back… erm backstage. LOL Yeah. Not too many people can say that they were backstage, so to me this one says it all. Yup. Way more impressive.


AppleTV and tvOS

I don’t know if you were impressed by the new Apple TV/tvOS, but we are going to replace the old AppleTV’s here with the new one… as soon as Apple accepts our order. Being able to play games and install other apps. That’s just great. Even for me as non-gamer. Still a big step forward. Can’t wait to get my hands on one, but there are some things that you should know:

1.) It comes with the A8 Processor. Not the latests (A9) but still. This is a huge improvement over the old A5.
2.) There is no support for Ultra High Definition TV/Video (HDMI port is not 2.0 but 1.4a).
3.) It comes with a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port. Not a 10/100/1000 one.
4.) There is no optical audio port.
5.) Siri is not available on all EU models.

That is too bad, but I still want one. I guess that Apple knew this, and thus they could get away with it. We just have to wait for the next hardware update. It sucks but hey; this is Apple’s way of telling us what we need. What they think we need.

The best news is probably the fact that it’s no longer another Apple hobby project anymore. That to me is fantastic news, for me as Apple TV owner. Let just wait and see what the future has in mind for us 😉

5 thoughts on “Apple September Event

      • VLC would is more of a thing I am looking forward to for the TV
        Regarding the iPad pro, I wonder when or if Xcode will make it there. From Apples point of view this would make somehow sense. Well let’s see. Maybe OS X 10.12 (or OS X 11) = iOS 10.

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