LZVN command line tool updated

A new version of LZVN is available for download – the source code that is. You can compile LZVN by running make in the project directory. Do note that you need the Xcode command line utilities.

Unpacking of a prelinkedkernel can be done with

./lzvn -d /System/Library/Prelinkedkernels/prelinkedkernel prelinkedkernel_unpacked

Repacking of a prelinkedkernel can be down with

./lzvn prelinkedkernel_unpacked prelinkedkernel_repacked

This will inject a new (fixed up) mach header, which is stripped off when you unpack the prelinkedkernel. The end result should be the same as the factory kernel. You can verify this with

cmp -l /System/Library/Prelinkedkernels/prelinkedkernel prelinkedkernel_repacked

Yes of course! You can still unpack/repack any file with LZVN.

Update You can now also extract the kernel from a prelinkedkernel. For this you use:

./lzvn -d  <path/prelinkedkernel> kernel

Have fun with it!


5 thoughts on “LZVN command line tool updated

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    • Hi Andy,

      Yeah I know. A year ago or so already. Apple had to do this since their work is based on another Githib project. Thanks.

      Edit: Long time no see. Good to hear from you again. I hope that everything is well over there. Land lord stuff sorted? Found a better place to live?

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