Exclusive Bed and Breakfast

My wife and I have been thinking about a change of life, for months already, and we want to start a very very exclusive bed and breakfast / Hotel accommodation in Spain. Exclusive as in jetset expensive and thus I’m afraid that it won’t be affordable for everyone. Our target guests are looking for quality, glamour and exclusivity with the right amount of privacy in a relaxed environment, with a pool for every guest staying with us (four pools in total). The minimum stay is a weekend and starts at 1000 euro for two people (minimum). This includes our exclusive airport shuttle service with premium class cars (round trips). Breakfast is included for Bed and Breakfast stays. Lunch is also included for hotel guests, but dinner is served by professionals with hotel/restaurant style and quality, and is not included. Your stay will also be very very comfortable because for this we traveled a lot (several countries) for stuff like this designer coffee table.
Or these sun beds that my wife loves to pieces.
We also have several lounge beds with really beautiful sea- and mountain views for you to sit/relax on. Like this one for example.
Or this one.
And every so often you will be joined by honourable guests like my father and his girlfriend who just like to sit down here and enjoy our views.
Who is always willing to sail away with a couple of guests to places like Ibiza and Mallorca where you can continue your trip in one of the two exclusive holiday homes he owns there.

This all also means that I will have quit my job at Google, eventually, and that I will stop working on hackintosh related stuff, effectively immediately. Looking forward to our new future. A bright future, with eighty three former coworkers joining us this summer to testdrive our new Bed and Breakfast / Hotel which by the way was estimated at a value of 3.4 Million euro (co-owned by my father).


I got a couple of questions (per e-mail) and like to answer a few of them here.

Q: Is this B&B / Hotel located at your home?

A: No. The B&B / Hotel is not located at home. We live in a finca surrounded by a couple of acres of olive tries.

Q: Will you be there?

A: Sometimes. However. Management of our Bed and Breakfast / Hotel is under control of my wife Angélica – with help of my father as a mentor/advisor. I myself run the vineyard that we inherited from my late father in law.

Q: Where is this Bed and Breakfast located?

A: North of Marbella.

Q: You asked for donations, and I donated, and now this. What’s up with that?

A: My father bought the villa and had it finished for this purpose six months ago. I guess that he wanted to do something good with his hard earned money, part of his retirement plan, and then I fell off our roof and suffered a permanent handicap – damaged nerves – so I am sure that you get the picture.

Q: Is Internet available in your Bed and Breakfast / Hotel?

A: Yes. We have a 200 Mbit/s connection with 802.11 AC (WiFi). Guests can also use one of our iPads and/or MacBooks.

Q: What TV channels do you offer?

A: Several, including the most important Dutch/UK channels. There is also an Apple TV with Netflix in every room and the lounge / meeting area inside (downstairs) is also equipped with a 75 inch Ultra HD TV for special events like Formula one races and Football (soccer).

Q: Can I rent a car there?

A: Yes you can. Please note that the airport shuttle service is free, but you can opt to rent a car at the airport. Or one of the two new Tesla’s that should arrive in two weeks from now.

Q: Do people smoke there?

A: No, but we have a smoking area located at a few steps down the mountain.

Q: Is your dad still working for Apple?

A: No.

p.s. Thank you to all people who were so nice to me. I surely won’t forget you and your hard work. Please keep on going, while I float in one of our pools… looking back and remembering the great times we had. Thank you!

Been seeing you,

Pike, Angélica and Junior Alpha

13 thoughts on “Exclusive Bed and Breakfast

  1. Hi pike,

    The best of luck for your new project, you deserve all good in your life for you and your family. I will join some money for one day visit your loft:)
    Thanks for your work for hackintosh the comunitty and the way you share.


  2. Hey Pike,

    Sounds like a fantastic new life you got planned, and i can fully understand why you would want to get out of the rat race for a less stressful day job.

    The work your Father, Sister (RIP) and yourself did for the Hackingtosh community have built the very foundations it now so strongly stands on.

    You’ll be missed but never forgotten
    Peace and Love to you all


    • Thank you very much. Much appreciated. I tell you. Everything went a lot faster when it was made clear that I have a permanent handicap due to my stupid accident. Dad came over and things went skyrocketed. Thank heaven for a solid insurance policy, otherwise I would have gone bankrupt.

  3. Good luck in your new venture, if you think this is a good choice to follow through with all their forces. all the best to you and your family!
    Adios Amigo!

  4. Good luck and thanks for all the effort.
    But is this the end or will you continue to support the hackint0sh scene?

    • Yes. It’s the end for me. Too much pain when I use a keyboard. That is also why I have to stop working for Google, which I can assure you wasn’t easy, but that’s about it.

  5. bed and breakfast in Marbella starts at 19 euro per day. For what do I pay 1000? Do you think anyone will book this and why? TV and internet is standart everywhere. Even the luxury Don Carlos Spa is way cheaper and it’s directly at the beach with 40000m2 tropical garden. Just wondering. Good luck for you.

    • Cheap bed and breakfast with low quality food, cheap interior, not offering anything special are available everywhere, but that is not our target client.

      Internet is usually really slow in Spain, but not with our connection (from my work).

      TV is mostly limited to Spanish channels, and even then not available in Ultra HD quality, and we have much more channels to offer.

      Don Carlos Spa is great, but it is also crowded by many different kind of people, and doesn’t offer the privacy we have – which is exactly what our clients are looking for. We also have a tropical garden with palm trees and nice places to sit and relax, like Don Carlos Spa, but there you don’t have the same kind of privacy. Not to mention that the beach at Don Carlos Spa is free for everyone, because they don’t own the beach!

      In short. You are comparing apples and oranges. Not to mention that our hotel arrangements are fully booked for next year already. Up until christmas so we’re fine. Thanks.

      Edit: I checked the price of a single room with sea view and that costs € 1.012,62 with buffet style breakfast and lunch. A double room costs € 2.025,24 (which is what we offer) but without airport shuttle service. So much for being too expensive.

  6. If someone go in North of Marbella, do you know how catch Pikeralpha? Just try install mac os x on pc, if somebody help you that is pilkeralpha…hehe

  7. Thanks for all of your help and work over the years. The scene needs more people like you and your family.

    Best wishes with your adventures! I might pop over to Spain one of these summers, but I think the price of admission might be more than I can afford 😉

  8. You’re lucky my friend…
    I wish I had your nice home 😀
    Maybe someday (when I have a new job and some cash) I will take a holiday at your residence 😉
    Your friend Andy

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