Broken arm

I fell off our roof and broke my arm in two places, some time ago, and thus I cannot type or use a computer. Will be back in a couple of weeks.


Thank you for the kind words. Things are much better already, but I am not fully recovered yet. Please hang in and wait for my next update, which should be in two weeks from now.

16 thoughts on “Broken arm

  1. Damn, that hurts. How do you manage your life without using a computer. Needless to say without the ability to type?

  2. Hoping for full recovery – a note of appreciation for keeping my MP 1,1 alive on Yosemite 10.10.3- I could not have forseen 9 years later it would accept all this new hardware and run so well (GTX660, x5355 8-core, 840EVO SSD + adapta-drive, 22GB RAM, BDR-208D + eSATA using the internal ports)

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