Without Jeremy Clarkson there is no Top Gear

I love Top Gear and the way that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May present their show, but seriously… without Jeremy Clarkson there is NO Top Gear. Not for me. Not for many of us who like the show as is, so if the BBC is going to ax him… then the BBC lost me as a fan. And with me many viewer. It’s that simple. Period.

p.s. I had the pleasure of meeting the Top Gear crew in Spain when we were looking for a plot for our new house. Fabulous folks!

4 thoughts on “Without Jeremy Clarkson there is no Top Gear

  1. Sure a pretty high odds on the 3 of them just making a move over to Sky and ITV and reproducing the same show under a different name…

  2. Me too but I was thinking, top gear had to end one day, what better way than this? No fade away, no cancellation, no finale, no goodbye, just clarkson getting sacked. It just fits the show perfectly. Plus I’m sure he’ll start done other show if he wants, people will follow him not the bbc/top gear brand.

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