Does anyone know what is going on over at Fubra in London Aldershot? I mean first (weeks ago) they lost and yesterday… oops went down. And with it a lot of other websites hosted by Fubra.

I know that joe75 said that they had a harddrive failure and that they were/are trying to recover data from it, but he also said that a backup server was stolen. And now this. Weird stuff isn’t it? So if you know what is going on then please chime in. Thanks!

Update down

That explains it. Thanks for the update!


Good news folks. Allan, one of the moderators, just posted this over

About our Forum, all the things is going back gradually, we ask your patience and understanding. 🙂

Great. Good job guys!

11 thoughts on “ down

  1. yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if some data went missing.
    it seems like apple’s revenge for some of the private parts such as lzvn and AppleDecrypt to name a few.
    not to worry as my projects are all backed up.
    I’m actually wondering why it took this long

    • Hopefully no data is lost, but in any event, let this be lesson for them – to make backups more regularly.

      And I guess you meant takes so long, because for me the site and forum is still down.

      Luckily we use Github (and other services) because we would be screwed if we had to rely on other sources like I mean what if you was in need of some piece of software from us (and others)… errr.

  2. Another weird thing: all 3 major os x hackintosh sites are down.
    Are all down.
    Too much coincidence…

    • You know what. Restoring lots of data can be painfully slow, but was also down and that – Fubra’s main website – is already back up and running so let’s just hang in and let them do their job.

    • In what universe are you living? Do you really believe, that someone or some team in apple go behind all of legal stuff and do dark things, like hacking websites. They would just do that first in legally…

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