SSD Failure

Just to let you know. One of my main SSD’s (OCZ brand) failed a few days ago and I am trying to get everything back on-line. Yup. I also lost a lot of time (lost password issues among others) but more importantly… some of my best work for the boot loaders that I am working on went down the drain. Need to start over again from scratch. Right. Sh*t happens. What else is new. But I’ll be back soon 😉

Edit: I am still having difficulties with my Paypal account access (lost password) but I am trying to solve this with Marcos from Paypal. I would advise anyone to not make any donation until this issue is fixed. Thank you! Lost password issue resolved!

Edit-2: I decided to pay dad a visit and ask for help. Sort of a last resort thing. Made some progress. Can now boot from the SSD, but it stops prematurely. Just before entering single-user mode and thus I cannot repair the drive. Looks like a HFS file system failure. Presumably cause by a drive-hardware failure.

7 thoughts on “SSD Failure

  1. The same happened with me one time ago, after a BIOS modification
    unsuccessful I was out of the scene, but it was only to replace the chipBIOS
    and ready’m back, regrettable that you have lost much of their important work,
    I know how you feel.

  2. Have been running Pike’s successfully for few weeks on an SSD in a MP 1,1 – Just did 10.0.2 updates and upon reboot, cannot boot or recover. Startup Manager shows me the OSX volume as well as EFI Boot option, but neither will boot.

    Can get into recovery mode with usb assistance. Can unlock and verify drive and select in Startup Manager but once restart just flashes ?folder. Probably should not have encrypted this boot volume. Not sure if drive just won’t unlock to mount or if 10.0.2 updates messed up my EFI. Can report back… Pike, hit me up if you have any ideas… Thanks!

  3. I have encountered a similar problem. I had Mac OS 10.10.2 running well on my mac pro 1,1. And like an idiot I reset the pram (I was trying to get displayport to deliver sound). Disaster! I have successfully installed 10.10.2 using target disk mode. The new security protocols built into the system seem to be locking me out. Yosemite refuses to boot. It seems as though the PikerAlpha fix may not be successfully loading the new EFI on my system. I expect a lot of people will be having these type problems soon.

    I am not particularly clever with terminal commands. I’m trying to learn, but I’m 66 years old and it’s hard for this old dog to learn new tricks. It seemed much easier to manually load the EFI in Mavericks. I will be most grateful for any help from anyone!

    • I don’t understand this part: “The new security protocols built into the system seem to be locking me out. Yosemite refuses to boot.” but in the end you are probably better off with help from people with an old Mac Pro. I don’t have one. Never had one, and thus if this is somehow related to the old hardware, then I wouldn’t even know where to start. Try

      • Thanks for your reply. It seems to me that you can not clone a drive and run it on any supported Mac anymore. I hope i’m wrong. Anyway I seem to be up and running again on 10.10.2. Haha. I’m not sure how I did it. But thanks.

  4. Those damn OCZ SSDs. I had an OCZ Vector that (I later found out) had a nasty bug in the firmware that could cause data corruption when it was powered off with a hard reset. Solution was to secure erase the drive with OCZ toolbox and power cycle it. Especially insidious and frustrating as the bug would show itself only when I’m cycling the system diagnosing a KP issue or something. Apparently the newest firmware fixes this, but too little too late for me.

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