In June 2014 I published a blog post about OS X 10.10 Yosemite DP1 kernel(cache) like how you can change the default/preferred compression from LZVN to LZSS and published a disassembled copy of the lzvn_decode routine.

A few months later, back in September 2014, I published a blog post titled LZVN take II with a link to the C source code of the lzvn_decode routine.


So now what you ask? Well. Today I committed a new update to the LZVN Github repository with two brand new private Apple libraries called libFastCompression.a and libFastCompression-Kernel.a And that’s not all because not only does it include the source code, but you can compile it yourself.


You may think. So what. But seriously. If you want to compile IOGraphics-485 (and later) for say to debug the mess some people see before the third stage Apple logo appears, then you simply need this library. Without it Xcode will fail to built it.

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