What’s up Pike?

I am getting e-mails from people asking: What’s up Pike?

Ok. First. Let me apologise for being slow and none responsive, but the thing is that my father-in-law is terminally ill (maybe a week to live) and my wife got some bad news about here own health that I am not willing to share here in public.

In short. I’m a little occupied by other more private matters. I also can’t really sleep very long due to the fact that the contract with the security guards had to be terminated (theft crimes) so for the time being I am doing their job as well. All in all. I’m still here but I am currently busy with other stuff.


Apparently it helps if you work for a large company, because the security guard problems we had here is already solved. And how! We have now drones flying over our property, a police car is driving around and two new armed guards are standing at the gate. I am really glad that they are working this hard, but it took far too long. And what if I hadn’t worked for Google? To me it shouldn’t matter who you work for or how rich you are, but anyway. I can finally get some sleep now. Good night folks!

Update 2

Angélica’s father died a few minutes ago. Jorge was only 53. I wish there was a cure for cancer. For everyone… but unfortunately this is not the case.

/me AFK for at least a week. Need to be there for my wife and her family. Later.

Update 3

Right. My week off was kind of short. Too short. You know. Work related issues (Chrome crashing) and other changes at home forced me to get back to my schedule much earlier than I would have done otherwise but hey. This is how life goes. You make a plan, and then you have to adapt it to plan B. Which seems to happen a lot lately so maybe I am a bad planner. No problem. I am fine with it. We’ll go with the flow and see where the wind blows 😉

Thank you for the kind words folks!

9 thoughts on “What’s up Pike?

  1. my condolences to all of you. When you talk about Cancer I know well what that means, I went through a similar problem in my family and you’re not even? Take as much time as you need with his wife give her all the support at this difficult time.

  2. I kind of dropped onto your website from links to the new boot.efi and read about your current problems. I am very sorry to hear about our father-in-law as well as your wife’s troubles. Life has those moments of tragedy and we have to deal with them as part of living it. I can only offer my condolences and support to you.

    Take Care,

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