Status update new hardware

My new hack will be put together for me today from the following components

– Cooler Master Silencio 452 case (new).
– Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H motherboard (replaced under warranty)
– Intel i7-4790K processor (new).
Scythe Mugen 3 Rev B processor cooler (reused).
– Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB SSD (new).
– Seagate 1TB Barracuda harddrive (new).
– Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD 802.11ac mini PCI-E WLAN+Bluetooth 4.0 card (new).

The Scythe processor cooler was a gift from someone. Along with two speakers from Berlin. The drives will be setup as a Fusion drive, because I never really used a Fusion drive. The processor may look like overkill, and it normally would have been for what I do with a hack… if I didn’t had to use virtual machines so much.

No. This box won’t be standing next to me, in my house in Spain, but on a remote location. I have to do this to keep out of trouble. Not that I do illegal stuff with it, because trust me when I say I do not, but I cannot have software in my house that may be considered “illegal”. A simple measure to secure my job as a developer. And yeah. I’m glad that some countries in Europe are cool with using a hack, but Spain isn’t one of them 😉

Ehm Pike. There’s no memory and PSU? Right. I’m still like 200 Euro off of it. Had to install central heating before the winter kicks in. Actually. I am waiting – like right now – for someone to approve and certify it, so that we can finally get that stupid insurance policy. Done – after two small modifications and a second test.


My father apparently installed a Corsair AX750 PSU in the remote box, which is still working flawlessly, and thus I will keep using it. True. It is a bit overkill. Very much even, but I am very happy with it.

And I have more good news. Both the PSU and the Intel processor of the box that I had here, have been replaced under warranty. What a surprise. I tell you some parts were literally de-soldered. Blown off of the motherboard.

Too bad that my 4 G.Skill memory modules – worth over 1000 Euro – won’t be replaced under warranty. This is why I ordered two new 8 GB modules yesterday, and they should arrive today. Almost ready to get stuff going again.

30 thoughts on “Status update new hardware

  1. Lol wow 120MB SSD. Heck lot of space. :p

    Also for Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD 802.11ac mini PCI-E WLAN+Bluetooth 4.0 card is it the apple card with a mini pci-e adapter card? cos the original apple port isn’t really legot mini pci-e.

    • Both. I had one here and a remote one. The remote one was still fine, but was getting too old. Too slow. Well. At least it enable me to continue to work on projects. But anyway. The remote one will now be replaced by a new one and the old one will be shipped to me for spare parts. I also want a new computer here, but that is simply not possible right now.

  2. i m in europe, in my country you can have in your house tank if you want, you are free like bird, where logic stop Bosnia begins…..

  3. Hello,

    Do you have sleep issues with this mainboard?
    I have an GA-Z87X-D3H and it´s driving me crazy.
    After a long sleep time (short sleeps never made problems) my system crashes with a cpu panic.

    I tried so much things, maybe you have a tip for me.
    I´m asking cause co many people with a Z87X Board have the same issue.

    Thx and greetz

      • Hi Pike,

        Could you provide a quick outline of how you configured your Z87M-D3H? I have had the board for almost a year now, and neither in 10.9 nor 10.10 it ever supported Sleep/Wake well. When I let it go to sleep, it randomly crashes a few minutes after waking back up – driving me crazy as well.

        I would very much appreciate just a very very brief description of the measures you took to configure your machine back then.


      • You are lucky. I recently helped someone to setup a hack with this board (Geekbench 3 results / F12 BIOS) with a Intel i3-4350 processor and all that we did was to patch the DSDT a bit, but other than that it worked out of the box.

        Are you using a discrete graphics card? I know that she doesn’t (Yosemite with the HD4600).

      • Well, in fact I didn’t use one for a few months, but just recently I updated to Yosemite and after that upgraded to a GTX-760, which works pretty damn fine without any extra measures taken. But the problem still persists. Btw – I use a i5-4440. Bios is the latest Version (F11 in my case – the Gigabyte site does not show a ver. F12 for that board at the moment). Power management does also not work with all the p states (disabling the Intel Gadget Logging style) – but that may be because there’s no proper smbios for the processor (currently iMac 14,2). I highly doubt that these two issues are related though. Thank you and sorry for cluttering your comments section.

      • You are right. BIOS F11b. Not F12. My mistake. Sorry.

        But getting power management to work should not be a problem with As long as you pick a model/board-id combination of one of the Haswell based Mac’s (iMac/Macmini for example). Even a MacPro6,1 SMBIOS can be used, but that isn’t recommended due to the fact that you have to run and fix some other stuff.

        Are you using the factory DSDT? In that case Device (GFX0) may be the problem, because that is used for the IGPU. My advise is to rename it to IGPU and add your GFX0 for the discrete graphics card.

      • First of all, thanks again for helping. I really appreciate it, I do understand that you’re a busy man.

        Back to topic. It seems that with the F11 Bios, I can’t extract a compileable DSDT. I extracted with both MaciASL and Ubuntu and then tried to compile with the former and also DSDT Editor (both iasl 5). The compiler gives me 2 errors. You don’t happen to still have the DSDT of the Mobo you worked on? (I am an absolute DSDT noob, FYI)

        However, I don’t even know if IGPU is relevant due to the fact that I had disabled it (now reenabled, of course). I always thought pm worked fine with the SSDT from your script and seemingly working SpeedStep in the Intel Power Gadget, even without most of the p states. But your article “Major breakthrough for power management” gave me motivation trying to also acquire the rest of ’em. The board id should be fine, being “Mac-27ADBB7B4CEE8E61” with “iMac 14,2” model-id.

        I do not receive a “..power management may be incomplete…” error, but I do get these two outputs on system boot:

        “… kernel[0]: XCPM: registered”
        “… kernel[0]: IOPPF: XCPM mode”

      • You can also extract the ACPI tables by running: ~/Library/ssdtPRGen/Tools/extractACPITables
        The data is saved in: ~/Library/ssdtPRGen/

        You should also see something like this in system.log:

        X86PlatformShim::sendPStates – Success!
        — last message repeated n times —

        Telling you that power management is working, but using the iMac model identifier will always result in fewer P-States. No matter what processor you have.

        Extract the ACPI tables, with enabled and disabled IGPU in the BIOS, and e-mail me the zipped up AML files (see script for e-mail address) and I have a look at it.

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