Now Accepting Donations

I always said not to ask for donations. I know, but after a set of serious hardware failures, I have no other option. It was either this or go off the radar completely.

Why this sudden change?

Well. You may know that my wife, junior and I moved into our new home, but it is still unfinished. For example. We have no central heating and a lot of other stuff need to be finished before the winter kicks in – so that our son won’t have to sleep in a cold bedroom. Expensive stuff. Things that I cannot do myself, because the insurance wants to see invoices from experts. Or they wouldn’t pay out in case of trouble.

We knew that this day would come. Sure. But what I couldn’t foresee is that it would happen at a time when most of my hardware failed. The biggest problem is that we have no insurance, yet, because our home is still sort of a building site (moved in early to get off the rent). I know. It sounds stupid, but that is how it works here. That is also why I am so eager to finish stuff, so that we can prevent future failures like this.

In short. I had to put myself on a tight budget for my projects, and use all of our resources to get stuff done. Now I can only hope that enough people are generous enough to help me. Like I have been trying to do for over two years here. Yeah. I feel shamed. Very much so, but I am standing with my back against a wall and thus I kindly ask you to help me in times of trouble. This way I can try to keep helping people like you. In short. Please consider to
Make A Donation


Wow. Just wow! I tell you. I have no words for it. Boy. I received some real nice comments. Some of them even got me a little emotional. Yeah. It is great to read feedback from people who love my work and what I am doing here, and I did not expect anything but what I am reading here is.. in one word fantastic. I don’t know what else to say.

Thank you so much!!!

29 thoughts on “Now Accepting Donations

  1. It’s not a whole lot, but I sent you a donation of what I can afford right now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking for donations in your situation. We need you on the radar! You are a very important person in the hackintosh community an we all appreciate your efforts. By the way, are you familiar with Mercury Retrograde? A week ago I would have thought it was stupid, but my boss told me about it and after all the crazy technology stuff I’ve experienced in the past week I think I believe it. My MBP’s USB port suddenly stopped working, Pro Tools also stopped working on it, my Vivobook, my Z68 rig and my phone are all on the fritz, and my hard drive just died in my HTPC. All this week. Oh, and today my credit card decided to only work half the time, and my hood decided it won’t shut anymore on my car. Weird stuff going on. And then all the stuff you’ve had happen this week, as well as a lot of people i know, reinforces it. Apparently Mercury is in retrograde from Oct 4th to Oct 25th. I’m not crazy, I swear. Currently this seems to be the only explanation.

  2. No shame for something gladly given; and received.

    It’s not like you’re holding anything for ransom

    Thank you for spending time on these things.

    Regards, splifingate

  3. My MacPro 1,1 lives to fight another day thanks to you for which I am very grateful so I have made a small donation to help you. I wish you all the best for your family your and your new home. Many thanks 😉

  4. No, Problem, you have done so much for us.. using your stuff every Day, so no Problem to support you now… hope you get your things ok soon… bye and thanks a lot for your Work….

  5. Pike,
    you so much deserve to get a donation!
    Concerning your momentary financial issues: everything will be good in the end – if not it’s not yet the end 🙂

  6. Pike,

    Just donated some fresh Dutch euro’s to you account for the hard work you did on the Yosemite boot.efi. Thanks to you and the community my Mac Pro 2.1. is still fast and up and running these days.

    I am also a father (since four days) and the only thing I want is the best for my son, just like you would!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Pike,

    thanks for all the work you do to the community, if you need some components I can help. I’m from portugal, if you came to oporto i’ll show the city to you and your family and pay a dinner (francesinha) one of the tipical food from here. You deserve-it.

    Thanks again for all the eforts that you’ve made for the hackintosh community.

    • Hey thanks man. I tell you. We’ve been to Lisbon a couple of years ago, but all I can remember is this huge bridge. Been in bed the rest of the holiday, with a potato on my forhead. Can’t remember what I did but anyway. We have no money for holidays. Not this year, and probably not even next year. Not that we care, really, because our new home should become our holiday spot for many moons to come.

      About the parts. Thanks man! That is really nice, but I have some good news. I already got a new Gigabyte motherboard (today) and I will start looking for more parts later today. I keep you posted here 😉

  8. Thank you for all your hard work over the years and I’ve been building hacks since the beginning. In a way you’re carrying the torch from your sister. I know how it is and it usually all comes at once and it’s overwhelming sometimes. I have two small kids and just wait until you have to send them to school! Talk about bleeding money, my daughters pre-school is like sending her to a community college. I wish I could’ve made a larger donation, but I hope it helps.

  9. You’re one of the cornerstones of the hackintosh community. I wouldn’t have a proper hack without you and your absolutely astonishing research. You have done so much for the community, completely free. So giving a little back is an easy task.

    I wish you good luck Piker, and I hope you continue your fantastic work here in the future.

  10. Pike can’t let a way to thank you for your hard work pass by. So I made a donation to support your work. As said by many, you and your sister, have been realy important in the hackint0sh community and deserve a lot of credits! Still, as I know as a father, family always comes first.
    On a side note, to let you know your not the only one with system failures, my coolermaster iceberg watercooler has been leaking water in my hack for weeks, that’s proberbly a good explenation of why the whole thing kept crashing. Now my motherboard is dead as well….. Shit happens, hopefully I’ll get a new one……

  11. Pike: thanks for sharing your work! I’d like to make a donation, but you paypal donation page keeps coming up in Spanish, and unfortunately, no leo espanol… could you post an English link… thanks!

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