Having a bad day

I am having a bad day right now. Or more like a bad week really. First I had three perfectly functioning monitors but then they failed and now my hack is blown to pieces.

The good news is that I ordered a brand-new UPS and that is functioning properly. Got eight hours long backup time, and then all of the sudden… POOF. It smells like something burned out. Awful.

The first thing that I did was to check the two 8GB G.Skill memory modules on another main board.. but they no longer worked. I am going to ask for a RMA and see what happens.

I also checked the CPU on another motherboard.. no go. This was a loaner from Intel so they won’t be too happy. Sorry guys.

Then I used the PSU on another motherboard – after first having replaced the processor – and now that appears to be broken as well.. along with the memory and CPU on it. Gosh. Why on earth did I do that? Now I have nothing left to work with! You (me) idiot!!!

Guess who is going off the radar.. Yeah right that would be me. I simply cannot afford to replace everything right now. Our home construction site is eating up all our money. Sorry folks.

10 thoughts on “Having a bad day

  1. I appreciate the work you’ve done to get Yosemite working on our 2006 Mac Pro’s. I would like to send you a small donation. I also posted on the Macrumors site about your bad day. Let me know an email address (for PayPal)? Thanks again. John

    • You know. I have trying to reply to you a couple of times already. Thing is. I am really struggling with this concept of accepting donations. Yes. I do have a PayPal account, but only since yesterday. To purchase power boards in China for the broken Samsung monitors. I just don’t want anyone to feel any kind of obligation to donate for something that I did. My work here is free, and should always be free, but if people want to help me help them. Then yes. I’d gladly accept their help on my Donations page.


      • The donation page didn’t support english for some reason. Anyway, I sent it directly. Thanks again for your hard work.

  2. I have weeks like this. But it seems related to biorhythms, when despair kicks in it normally means things can’t get worse and should improve soon.

    • To me this is a rather normal process. A fact of life. For example. My front wheel tires on my car wear out pretty soon after I have replaced the tires on the back. Same for my bicycle. Same for light bulbs. They go out one after the other, when they were on the same amount of time. Sure. Bad timing, but I mean. To me it’s more like a chain reaction. I guess that the PSU in my hack was bad due to power fluctuations here and then. Well. Everting goes out eventually.

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