Three days, three monitors kaput

This is so strange. I had three perfectly functioning monitors, but no more. All three are malfunctioning. The blue LED goes on, but nothing happens. One after the other went black. I have one Dell monitor left and I’m afraid to use it.. because that is the last one that I have here. I guess that I am forced to go black as well. Trying to find out what it going on here…


I’m so happy. Two of the three monitors are repaired and working again. Thanks to a friend and fellow Googler. The last of the three monitor did get its capacitors replaced already, but it isn’t working yet. Might need new resistors on the power supply, or some other components. Something that I hope to check later today. One thing is certain. It was a bit of a shock, but I am happy to report that I learned something new again.

Update 2

Argh! This is so frustrating. Once again it won’t turn on. Only the blue power LED is on. I have to order new boards (BN44-00195A) from China.

3 thoughts on “Three days, three monitors kaput

  1. If you are still in Spain – notorious bad mains power fluctutaions.

    Have you a means to monitor it as likely your supply is not well regulated. Also are you using powersurge plugs and adapters. A must in that part of the world as its worse than the USA. I have a place in Greece on the Isle of Skiathos UPS are a must for any computer or sensitive electronic equipment.

    • Yes. We are still in Spain, and we have no intention to move. I will never go back to The Netherlands. But anyway. I had no problems before with the power grid of Barcelona, but since we moved south to our new home we did noticed that LED lighting failed way to early. And only the computers and monitors I use for work are powered by a UPS. Not my hack. Maybe I should get one pronto.

      Also. We opened two Samsung monitors and they both had blown out capacitors. One of the monitors really made a bang sound before it went black. Another Googler (from Madrid) is busy replacing the capacitors, and one monitor is starting to react – first shows a blue screen, then a white screen, then grey screen and finally some colour beams. He said to also check all diodes and resistors, because there are three 68 Ohm resisters that are known to blow out in this series. I only hope that it works out well, because these monitors are mine and out of warranty already.

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