Third GM candidate OS X 10.10 Yosemite released

Apple released a third Golden Master candidate of OS X 10.10 Yosemite (Build 14A388a) today, and if you ask me… this won’t be the last one either. Why? Because Apple removed some display and power management related files some time ago, and with new hardware on the horizon it is either that or we’ll see some special builds popping up soon.

Anyway. I went looking for changes. As usual, and Ok. This is a really small, but important update. Small because the Payload file is only 8MB. A fraction of that of GM2. Which itself wasn’t that big either. And it is an important update, because most of the changes are security related. Something that Apple isn’t sharing with us, but it is clearly the whole point of this update. Perhaps something ugly was found along the way, so lets hope that they nailed it this time. Oh no. It’s nothing bash related.

I also see some refreshed (private) frameworks and like GM2 there is no new kernel. We’re still using the kernel that came with GM1. And don’t you worry boot.efi won’t be replaced. So now. Like last time, I cherry picked the most interesting files for you – with help of Pacifist. And here you have it:


– Utilities / Keychain


– var/db/.systemPolicy-default


– ApplicationServices.framework
– Carbon.framework
– CoreServices.framework
– OpenCL.framework
– Security.framework
– SecurityFoundation.framework

Private Frameworks

– DiskImages.framework
– OSInstaller.framework
– SecurityTokend.framework
– StorageKit.framework
– SystemMigration.framework


– dotmac_tp.bundle
– tokend




– certtool
– codesign
– crlrefresh
– csreq
– security


– libdns_services.dylib


– discoveryd
– discoveryd_helper
– efiupdater
– gkoverride
– kcproxy
– secd
– security_authrampoline
– security_service
– smcupdater
– syspolicyd
– taskgated


– discoveryutil
– ocspd
– securityd
– spctl
– systemkeychain

There is also another EFI/SMC update:


– IM141_0118_B07_LOCKED.scap
– IM142_0118_B07_LOCKED.scap
– IM143_0118_B07_LOCKED.scap
– IM144_0179_B06_LOCKED.scap
– MBA61_0099_B16_LOCKED.scap
– MBP101_00EE_B05_LOCKED.scap
– MBP102_0106_B05_LOCKED.scap
– MBP111_0138_B11_LOCKED.scap
– MBP112_0138_B11_LOCKED.scap
– MP61_0116_B07_LOCKED.scap


– Mac-2BD1B31983FE1663
– Mac-3CBD00234E554E41
– Mac-7DF21CB3ED6977E5
– Mac-27ADBB7B4CEE8E61
– Mac-031B6874CF7F642A
– Mac-35C1E88140C3E6CF
– Mac-77EB7D7DAF985301
– Mac-81E3E92DD6088272
– Mac-189A3D4F975D5FFC
– Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6

Most likely with changes for Handoff and Continuity.

12 thoughts on “Third GM candidate OS X 10.10 Yosemite released

  1. Actually, the EFI and SMC payloads have not changed since around the PB3 era (whatever DP# that corresponds with), when a handful of firmware updates were added for models that earlier releases didn’t include a firmware update for (the PB1 and PB2 updated EFI list was maybe half as long).

    All of the file names are identical, and in the case of the EFI updates, the file name represents the EFI version # (as shown in System Profiler). For example, MBP101_00EE_B05 is for MBP101 (i.e., MacBookPro10,1, the first-gen Retina MacBook Pro 15″, released in mid-2012, mildly refreshed early-2013). First units in 2012 shipped with B00, the latest update for download from Apple is B02, and B03 was flashed to every early-2013 15″ rMBP from the factory (presumably it was never released for download for mid-2012 owners because it was basically B02 updated to support minor hardware changes in the refreshed models and it incorporated no new additional fixes or features; but if someone ever managed to track down a B03 SCAP file, I imagine it would flash to a mid-2012 model and run just fine on it, as evidenced by this unifying B05 release from Yosemite that works across all MacBookPro10,1 computers).

    Every EFI and SMC update file in the GMC3 FirmwareUpdate.pkg is bit-for-bit identical to its identically-named twin from PB3…I just grabbed the GMC3 package and verified this myself. I can only guess that Apple decides to bundle FirmwareUpdate.pkg with every subsequent Yosemite PB/DP/GMC update — even if there are no changes to FirmwareUpdate.pkg — in order to ensure that every computer model that Yosemite includes a firmware update for gets updated, if it somehow did not get updated previously. I expect Apple will continue this tradition with the actual GM/public release and all subsequent updates and combo updates for the life of the OS.

    As I have commented elsewhere, I find it quite bizarre that Apple now has apparently decided to include firmware updates inside of an OS update when they have always in the past been distributed separately. It is also interesting to note which models Yosemite ships with firmware updates for and which it does not. It would be nice if Apple published changelogs so that we understood what the purpose of the newer firmware was…

    • Thank you for checking the EFI/SMC files. I had not yet done that myself because it was too early (about 5:30AM) when I wrote this.

      I know what the file names represent. I also wrote a script, a long time ago, to unpack the SMC data. This enables me to check for changes, but I can only do so much in the little free time I have available.

      Flashing EFI with other/older SCAP files might actually work, for certain models, but it isn’t something that people should do. Not without accepting the possibility that their Mac may end up unrepairable.

      Also. Oh wait. I need to do something else right now. I will edit my comment sometime later…

  2. Gotcha. And just to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that somebody try to flash an older EFI bootROM to their system than what shipped with it. I was suggesting that a newer EFI be flashed, but one that Apple never released…they just started shipping it with computers manufactured after a certain date. If, for single Mac model X, B02 is the latest downloadable version, and B03 ships on that same model of computer after Y date but is not distributed to owners of existing model X machines, and then a single B05 release is eventually published after that for all computers of model X, it’s a pretty safe bet (although not 100% certain, I agree) that B03 would have run just fine on computers of model X that shipped before, but that Apple never released it for download because there would have been no advantage to users currently running B02 (since it likely only adds support for some newer minor hardware, like say a NAND chip model from a vendor that they just recently brought on-board).

    As an aside, do you know if it is possible to take a raw dump of EFI firmware (using the ‘flashrom’ utility for example), strip out all of the unique data (e.g., serial #s), and then compile that into a usable SCAP file?

  3. One more observation on this topic and then I’ll shut up. 🙂 It appears that with only one exception, the only Mac models receiving EFI updates with Yosemite are Haswell-based. And it seems like every Haswell Mac released to date has an EFI update waiting for it in Yosemite

    The exception is the Ivy Bridge rMBP (both 15″ and 13″) which also gets an EFI update. Although it didn’t get one included until PB3. The non-Retina Ivy Bridge MBPs, which were released during WWDC2012 (same as the 15″ Retina), and which have nearly identical guts, don’t get one, and neither do the Ivy Bridge MBAs (also WWDC2012) or the Ivy Bridge iMacs. Interesting.

    I don’t think the EFI updates have anything to do with Continuity. Continuity requirements seem to be bound to Bluetooth LE support, and models that have BT-LE and which support Continuity are not limited to Haswell. Heck, there are some 2011 Sandy Bridge Macs that will be supported.

    I cannot speak to the SMC updates since I have no reliable way of matching Mac board IDs to certain Mac models. I can tell you for a fact that the 15″ rMBP Ivy Bridge does NOT get an SMC update from Yosemite. Neither does the 2010 Penryn MacBook Air. Those are the only two Yosemite-supported Mac models I own, and so are the only ones whose board IDs I can look IP.

  4. “do you know if it is possible to take a raw dump of EFI firmware”

    Yes, possible look at macbook 2,1 coreboot development, also flashing through flashrom on a running system is possible (specific models). But keep in mind that even reading “efi” firmware through flashrom is risky and can corrupt the firmware especially on notebooks/laptops because of undocumented embedded controller function.

    But if you have a external spi programmer like raspberry-pi or similair you can read and write the flash if it is supported and experiment until you reach the max write cycles of the flashchip. Would be nice if the BIOS / legacy part of the mac efi firmware can be enhanced with DSDT patches for 6x sata (including odd ports) and usb boot on older macpro.

  5. About Yosemite final release: I need to know if the patch that you created to get power management is working correctly or exist a new version. I use to apply the @ to overlock a little bit. Can you give me a link to download? Thanks Piker.

    • Sorry? I don’t understand what you are asking, and I also don’t understand why you are asking it here, because there is nothing about power management in this blog article. I’m confused.

      Note: Your IP number appears on some spam blacklists, thus I am going to watch you and your comments here to see what comes next!

  6. Sorry for my bad english. I’m only use spanish. Can you provide me a link to download the file to get more P-States in Yosemite? I use Haswell i7 4770k.

    I read all your home page and I don’t have skills for understand all the information here.

    I don’t know about blacklist, you can check of course: I wrote you for the same topic a couple of times. No more than that.

    If you consider my post it’s not usefull for the community it’s ok, and I understand, you have to select which can help to others.

    Sorry again. Thanks for your attention.

    • Hola Vistoria,

      I don’t share files, but I ask people to download and run terminal commands like: ./ -p i7-4770K -l 8
      You should only have to run it once. Well. That is. If you keep a backup of the generated SSDT file. Oh. In case something doesn’t work, or you have (other) related questions, then don’t hesitate do ask for help, but please do that
      here. Not here. Thanks!

      p.s. About the blacklist. Don’t you worry about it. I have taken care of it for you. Your IP number is no longer blacklisted.

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