iPhone 6 (Plus) reviews

Is it me or all iPhone 6 (Plus) reviews the same? Oh wait. Reviewers are not allowed to talk about benchmark results. No. Heaven forbid. Someone could be disappointed (example: memory in the iPhone 6 is slower than that in the iPhone 6 Plus) and not order the new iPhone. Me? Well. I won’t get one. Not until Apple cart me out in a nice limo to the Apple store. LOL

So Pike. Are you using an Android phone? No. I’m not. In fact. I no longer use “a mobile phone”. What? Yeah man. This phone stuff is out dated. Watch my words!

p.s. I am also not going to use an Apple Watch. Not until it matches a Breitling or Tag Heuer.


I like to add that Apple did an amazing job with the Apple Watch. It’s much better than what they had in mind for us with the first iPhone, but the battery life is still one of the biggest problems. I mean. Having to charge a mobile phone, or watch, each and every day is just not working for me. And Apple could have solved this problem, because the technology is there already, but that would have made the new devices much more expensive. The problem is that Apple refuses to give in on making such a high profit margin… and that is why the new iPhone isn’t using the latest battery technology. Probably not until companies like Samsung push Apple into a corner again. And again yes, because that is exactly what Samsung did with having bigger screen sizes and contact less charging. Which is still unavailable to iPhones users. I wonder how long this is going to take. Another two years maybe?

5 thoughts on “iPhone 6 (Plus) reviews

  1. Out of sheer curiosity: what leads you to the conclusion: “This phone stuff is out dated”? I am developping websites, and what I see is _more and more_ mobile users in my apache logs, not less. (Admittedly, most of these seem to be tablet users, not phone users).

    • I know. It sounds absurd. The number one money maker of Apple to be replaced by something else. Would that even be possible? I think so yes. At some point in the (near) future we won’t be using a “mobile phone” anymore. We are already witnessing the death of texting (SMS) which is being evaporated by messaging apps, and the cam corder by the camera and camera apps on your mobile device. Look at what TomTom had to do – shift their focus to maps – otherwise they would have had to file for bankruptcy (eventually).

      And what you are seeing in your logs is correct. It’s all about data. And let me ask you this: “How many hours are you actually using your ‘mobile phone’ for phone calls?” Isn’t that almost nothing compared to the time you use your “mobile device” for data? Is that ratio 1/10 (phone calls/data) or even worse? I won’t be surprised if that is 1/100 or even higher. So why do you need a “mobile phone”?

      • Actually, I use my mobile phone(s) mostly just for testing mobile websites 😉 But personally, I think the screens are simply too small for comfortable web browsing. On the other hand with a tablet it is a whole different story imho. I agree that phones are used only for a small amount of time for actual phone calls, so let’s just call them “mobile personal computers”. After all, it is nothing more than just that – a computer you can also use as a phone.

      • Yeah iOS – the experience – is far more important than the actual “mobile device” we are using right now. For example. In my car it serves me best when it provides navigation, traffic information, where I can park (nearby) and what it costs, to play music and entertain my son on the backseat (well, not right now but eventually) but at home I do totally different things with it; use it as a remote (dim lights and what not), but I use my big screen TV for news, movies and what not. Work/meetings and mobile phones is a no go (gone with concentration). This leads me to the conclusion that “mobile phones” are for hipsters, people who are deeply into social media. Folks with too much free time and not enough responsibilities… or they would quickly run out of time for it.

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