New Apple Logo’s found in boot.efi (Yosemite)

Three weeks ago I blogged about the new EFI images and sound files that I found in Yosemite DP1 and today I also found the Apple logos and clut data for said logos in boot.efi.

0x39fb0-0x3a51f AppleLogoPacked
0x3a520-0x3a64f AppleLogoClut
0x3a650-0x3b3af AppleLogo2XPacked
0x3b3b0-0x3b51f AppleLogo2XClut

0x3b520-0x3b8af AppleLogoBlackPacked
0x3b8b0-0x3b8ef AppleLogoBlackClut
0x3b8f0-0x3c0af AppleLogoBlack2XPacked
0x3c0b0-0x3c0ef AppleLogoBlack2XClut

The clut data is unpacked, but the Apple logo data is compressed with the new LZVN compression algorithm. I believe that this is either a variant of LZSS (Lempel–Ziv–Storer–Szymanski) or LZMA (Lempel–Ziv–Markov) but I am still waiting for ‘coercion’ to publish his ASM->C port.

And since LZVN uses opcode tables, here is where I found the 8KB (4 x 2KB) data for the Apple logos.

0x37fb0-0x39faf 4x2KB opcode tables for the logos.


In short. We now have Apple logos in three different files:

1) boot.efi
2) IOGraphicsFamily.kext
3) AppleLogo.efires

Still need to figure out why, but perhaps that the new AppleLogo.efires file was added for people with a hackintosh. Nah. I am just kidding. Must be for legacy support or something. Oh wait. That is hackintosh only these days. Right?


Logos with “black” in the name are white. Not black. Used on hardware with BlackMode activated.

Edit: Typo fixed.

5 thoughts on “New Apple Logo’s found in boot.efi (Yosemite)

  1. I offen wondered if there may be a small and silent underground effort within Apple (one person?) keeping hackintosh support alive. It’d be amusing if true.

    Good luck with ‘coercion’ on that port. Good thing it isn’t too long.

    Reminds me of my 8-bit micro days some 30 years ago when I wrote assembly for the Z80, 6502, and 6809. As for the Z80, I memorized the machine code instruction set, including the bit fields, etc. That was when MS Word was about 12K bytes in length and when disassembled, produced a 2-inch stack of tractor-fed paper. Fun days.

  2. I can only say, really fantastic. ur genius and i think the community must say THANKS to u keep the good work up
    best of luck

  3. Hallo pikeralpha,
    Kurz zur info:
    Bronya/bronzovka ist dabei einen lauffähigen yosemite Kernel mittels binary zu patchen für amd…er ist schon weit gekommen jedoch benötigt er kräftige Unterstützung bei der sysenter patchen. .. seine gute Entwicklung droht leider zu stoppen, wenn er keine Unterstützung bekommt. Ich frage an, ob du ihm vielleicht bei dieser Entwicklung behilflich sein kannst…wen du ihm helfen kannst , dann kontaktiere Bitte Bronya per pm…hier die entwicklung:

    Vielen Dank im voraus.

    Hi pikeralpha,
    A brief info:
    Bronya / bronzovka is an executable yosemite kernel patch using binary for amd … he’s come a long way but it needs strong support in SYSENTER patch. Unfortunately .. its good performance threatens to stop when he gets no support. I wonder whether you can be perhaps assist him in this development … whom you can help him, then contact Please Bronya via pm … here the development: http: // 298862-yosemite-os-x-1010-testing-on-amd / page-6

    Thanks in advance.

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