Apple Control… We Have A Problem…

Guess what. Here is my trade in for a new early 2014 Mac mini

Signed AppleHDALoader
Note the date 🙂

And no. Don’t you dare to ask what I did. I won’t reveal anything!!!

12 thoughts on “Apple Control… We Have A Problem…

    • ugh. no he means he has discovered a VERY SERIOUS flaw in apple’s signing security mechanism. He was able to make his custom / modified kext appear as apple genuine with a “proper” apple digital signature. At least thats what appears to be happening. And so, by revealing this flaw to apple, they will send him a new mac mini as reward. Though if i were him, i think this is worth more a mac pro 😛

  1. This means that he (?) has signed a third-party OSX kernel extension with a valid Apple software signing certificate on January 4th 2014.

  2. You time traveler you. If its dated 04/01/2014 then who is the FOOL? 🙂
    January 4th 2014 is 01/04/14 …No?

    Dmitry in the US 04/01/2014 is April 1st and people call it “April Fools Day” and some people much like myself like to play pranks and funny jokes on close friends and family. So this extremely smart man is pulling a prank of his own 3 months ahead of time, as it would seem.

    A job with Apple would mean the end of this site. I vote Nay.

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