OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Build 13C39) Seeded

Apple seeded a second test build of OS X 10.9.2 (13C39) to registered Mac developers, available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store as well as through the Mac Dev Center.

10.9.2 Build 13C39

Everyone else interested in testing OS X 10.9.2 (13C39) without being a registered Mac developer can download OSXUpdCombo10.9.2.pkg with help of: https://swscan.apple.com/content/catalogs/others/index-10.9seed-10.9-mountainlion-lion-snowleopard-leopard.merged-1.sucatalog.gz

Don’t know what changed for hackintosh users, but this update appears to be fine so far.

Edit: Image updated – I changed SystemVersion.plist to trigger an addition update run and forgot to change it back, and that was why the version info was 10.9 instead of 10.9.2

9 thoughts on “OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Build 13C39) Seeded

  1. Are you talking about new GTX 780Ti GK chip B rev?
    With ” Old” GTX Titan seems all is working fine except of minimal PM that seems to start from 640

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