Almost over and out

Hi folks. The year 2013 is nearing the end and that, unfortenately, will also be the end of my involvement. The reason for this is simple; we’re going to have a baby in May (will post a card when our baby is born) but I still need to finish a home for our family.

And this isn’t the only good news. Nope. The concrete slab is finaly ready for the next step, but it was a lot more expensive due to a hidden hole underneath our plot. Which was why it was so darn cheap I guess, but it also means that we now have to pay an extra/unplanned invoice. Think lots of overtime – hence me not having any free time left to play with hack related stuff.

Anyway folks. I hope you all continue your good work and keep it free, like we have been doing for many years. For now:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Almost over and out

  1. A great Christmas to you and yours Pike, and all the very very best for 2014.

    What you and your family have done for the community is appreciated by many of us although at times it has been difficult to understand, but you have patience and empathy and have helped me on a number of occasions, and for that I am totally grateful, as are many of us.
    You have to get your priorities right and look after yourself, your wife and the baby.
    Forget the dysfunctional and envious ones who have made life difficult for you as they do not matter or share your intellect, you are more important and you have a life, which you deserve.
    Enjoy it!

    • Thank you Tony. You are right. I have to get my priorities in order, and I will. But it won’t stop me from pushing out contributions out from time to time. Like my latest AppleHDA trick. I just have to be very very careful with what I do, because we both know what this hobby does… it kills time like nothing else 😉

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