Have to leave…

Don’t you hate it when you are busy getting stuff done, and then all of the sudden the phone rings and you have to leave for a family emergency. Again. Yup. Been there already. Twice. And it sucks when something like this reminds you about something that you definitely don’t want to be remembered about. You know. Hospitals and what not… Anyway. We (Angélica and I) have a four to six hour journey ahead of us (driving to the south of Spain) and I don’t know how long it will take me to get back here, but it will be at least two weeks. Possibly even longer…


Grandma was found on the floor, by a good neiborn, who was surprised not to see light in her appartment. Turns out that she didn’t get the attention she should have received from her aged care, who filed for bancruptcy a couple of weeks ago. She’s getting better after being dehydrated – it hasn’t been this hot in Alicante since 1904 – and now we have to work out something that works for all of us.

So all in all good news after a bit of a shock… phew.


My Grandma is still in the hospital, but I need to go home. My schedule no longer permits me to be here, but the good news is that dad arrived today. Yah! He will take my place and visit his mom like we did the last couple of weeks.


Grandma is still hospitalised. No change in her condition, even after an operation, so we might have to go back for another surprise visit.

5 thoughts on “Have to leave…

  1. I just found out about your blog, and your continuation of Sam’s work. It was a shock hearing the news last year.

    I truly hope everything works out for you and your family. I know you guys have been through enough already.

    Good luck and my well wishes!

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