MacBook Air SMC Update v1.9

Apple released MacBook Air SMC Update v1.9 to fix a number of issues for the MacBook Air 2012/2013 models, and this update changed the version info to:

SMC Version (system): 2.12f135

And you will keep receiving update notifications – on a hack – for this update until you change your FakeSMC.kext/Contents/Info.plist REV key to this:

	<key>REV </key>

11 thoughts on “MacBook Air SMC Update v1.9

  1. The TB update most likely is getting picked up from FirmwareFeatures mask which is encoded in 32 bits, the Apple specific FirmwareVolume SMBIOS part. Your FW features have TB presence defined, but as ROM is missing it sends you the update .. constantly.

    • I’m afraid that I don’t understand you. Sorry.

      You mean that Clover takes care of it, and thus you don’t have to do anything anymore, or are you asking me how this can be fixed for people using Clover?

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