iPhone 5S Touch ID

Some of you may remember my sister blogging about a meeting she had with Steve Jobs and crew about desired features for a next iPhone, and one of them is now introduced with the release of the iPhone 5S and is called Touch ID. Others features she talked about are already introduced, and two more will be introduced in the iPhone 6.

Some of you may also recall people telling her that she didn’t know what was coming, or that it was impossible for her to knew what was coming. Like she didn’t knew what was coming. This shows you how little those people knew. They were wrong. All of them.

So funny 🙂

4 thoughts on “iPhone 5S Touch ID

    • Since when do you, or anyone else for that matter, know why people visit this place?

      And yes. I do speak out when people show a lack of respect for death people. Like my late sister. To me those people are morons. People who also will have to wait for Haswell Power Management, just like they had to wait for my sister to figure out why Asus users, like yourself apparently, did not have Power Management. Not until she stepped in. Remember? But hey. See was nobody. Right?

      You want HDMI support for Haswell motherboards? Let’s wait and see how long it will take other people to get what I have. All I see so far is people who are trying to reinvent the wheel. Stuff that I published here already. No credit of course. So yeah. Those who play at bowls, must look out for rubs. Thank you very much for visiting this place.

      • I continue to see a great deal of respect for Sam around the community. There are fools everywhere and not surprising they may raise their heads here. It’s easy to sit at a keyboard and through crap at others, I just don’t see very much of that targeted Sam. Of course if she was my sister I might see it differently.

        And yes maybe I don’t know why people visit this site, but I’m certain it’s not for the drama…

        No disrespect intended.

      • Of course. We still have a cheer volume of normal people in our community. Thankfully. And sure. Sam was my sister so I don’t like to read lies about her. Or about me and my family. Would you? Well. I don’t. I don’t accept bad behaviour from anyone. Not even from people who are there (in our community) long enough to know right from wrong.

        People who visit this blog should know right from wrong. That with the fact that I don’t accept crap from anyone, like wilfully ignoring to credit the hard work done by my sister, or my father. Like introducing a half baked power management solution for X79 boards. Something that simply uses the work done by Sam. That to me is lame and unacceptable. That kind of behaviour should stop, or it might destroy the community eventually.

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