Yah. New Apple hardware next week

Yah. New Apple hardware (MacBook Pro) next week. What else can I say. At last. The wait is over!

Update: The flight case with my new hardware in it arrived minutes ago (I lost my MacBook Pro during my honeymoon trip to Greece). The shipment was a day late, due to a stupid typo. Resulting in some unknown number and thus I couldn’t get the goods shipped to me. No. I had to get them from the airport myself. And pay duties of course.

Anyway. I now have everything that I need (for work) again, and that is all that matters to me. Let’s see what the Android emulator does on this machine. Hopefully it runs as fast as it does on Windows, or I will be forced to use a Windows PC for Android development (just another hobby project) once again. Nah. I rather use a virtual machine. That also works. Even for me.

5 thoughts on “Yah. New Apple hardware next week

  1. You were wrong again about so much as usual.

    And for the record your sister never lived she was fiction.

    Your father isn’t real. And you are all of these people.

    Denial is the first sign of a problem.

    • Yup. Denial is certainly a first sign of a problem. Like DO NOT EVER deny the fact that I am the son of Master Chief. That Samantha was his daughter, and my sister, and that we all worked hard to get things done for our community!

      You know what. It is almost like you don’t have a family yourself. In that case I am sorry for your loss, that you were abandoned by your own parents, but whatever it is, do not blame other people for your troubled life.

    • Great. There we have it. I was expecting you. Someone who think to know something, but knows nothing about me and my family.

      And I much rather slide down your so called ‘community ladder’ than to accept anyones lies. You are after all totally clueless.

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