About lost and altered comments

Someone over at insanelymac.com mentioned that his comment here was removed. Which sucks. And I do remember one comment from him (“I figured it out“) but it appears that someone here may have been removing one or more comments without my approval. Or can comments somehow be retracted perhaps?

Note: I rejected one of his comments simply because there was no solution. It only said: “I figure it out”. Which to me at that time was correct, not knowing about possible other removals.

If you happen to be one of the people that had their comment(s) here removed. As in it was approved and showed up, but then some time later if was removed, then I like to know about it. Please provide as much info as you can share so that we (as in: The WordPress folks) can look into it and hopefully resolve this issue for me as I have no idea what has been going on here lately.

So far nobody stepped forward, but I did ask WordPress to look into the so called removal of comments. The problem is that they cannot find a single shred of evidence that such event ever happened.

What they did see was an unusual number of attempts where someone tried to login to my account, with a password that I use(d) for a forum, so that looks pretty suspicious.

Again. Anyone who claims to have their comments removed here should step forward, or contact WordPress themselves. I’m sure that nothing will come out of it, but nevertheless. This was all I could do for you.


2 thoughts on “About lost and altered comments

  1. Dear Pike, I´m sure Cobra03 never was tried to bother you. He works a lot with everybody to get solution and more machines working. That´s was a comment about a situation, a result, an experience about apply something that for a lot of people, not work. Like me, because I don´t have your knowledge about this. And we have to wait ¨someone in the middle¨ between the High Level and the low level to translate, apply a possible solution. Everybody know the important that your work is. Your works is one of the best. I hope this misunderstanding finish to go forward in this amazing world of changes, Apple´s and people like you and Cobra who bring to us – around the world – this incredible opportunities.

    • No worries. I just had to figure out what was going on. I mean nobody wants his/her comments removed. Not after they showed up first. And when something like that happens, then I certainly will like to hear from people as that should never happen. At least not here.

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