Will Apple sue Quo Computers?


It is quite obviously to me. After all. They released a firmware update via projectosx.com which includes everything to boot OS X, including FakeSMC.kext. They only used projectosx.com to hide their involvement. This is also why ‘TheKing‘ made this post at insanelymac.com, to make it clear that they used tor to hide their trails:
And he said to be one of the developers here:
Which to me is not so smart. In fact it is a rather stupid action. And since I obtained his address info last year for Sam – you may recall him begging her to remove it from her blog – so can Apple.

So it is not a matter of if but when. I mean come on. Apple fights big guns like Samsung, so who is Quo Computer again? Right. A company using the hard work of other people to make money.

Remember the guy that made that silly USB dongle and used software and other code from the community? They screamed rape and murder, but now we should all be happy and be quiet. Why? Because some silly company, and a hand full of jokers like ‘TheKing‘, want to make money over the backs of hard working people. Not to mention Apple, for their use of OS X, which is why I don’t like companies like Quo Computers. Or people asking for donations.

Note: Hacking OS X is just a hobby for me. Not to earn my money, which I do with real Apple hardware by the way. And what is the fun when everything works out-of-the-box? None for a hacker like me, which is why I keep up with the latest available hardware. Yup. New hardware means a new challenge to get everything going, but after that I lose all interest in it.

Tip: Get yourself a VPN connection for cheap and you will be safe i.e. do not ever visit a forum or use e-mail without a proper VPN network!

Update: The comments are now moderated. We had to do this as a precaution when rampagedev questioned my sisters passing. Which is uncalled for and show you what kind of sick people we have to deal with.


43 thoughts on “Will Apple sue Quo Computers?

  1. XyZ happens to be one of my closer friends in the community. Ive spent many hours talking with him and was one of the first few people to help him get started in osx and show him the ins and outs of hackint0sh, and also helped to keep him interested enough to stay with it when things would not go as expected. Since then he has gone on to become the king of hda and the dsdt as well as all things hackint0sh. XyZ has helped countless people in this community and is the kind of person we need to keep it going forward. Im sure you could care less for whatever level of respect I may have for you and that is fine by me.. I have to be honest and say that I’ve never really cared for the information that comes from you or your family of personalities / aliases.. I really can’t see what you think was stolen from the community here or how you could think they are getting off with the work of others? What exactly are you referring to? The quo board is made for the community by the community.. Your comments, opinions and disrespect is what makes you the real joker here.

    • I like people for being loyal to friends, and since this is a typical comment from a friend of a friend, which is nice for XyZ, I’ll value it as such.

      And while you think that my blog post was a disrespectful attack on XyZ, which it wasn’t, but I just think that it is not a smart move to first claim to be one of the developers, which you seem to be confirming here since he’s such a great HDA/DSDT hacker, and then to mention why tor was used.

      The only problem I have with your comment is that you come here to complain about my blog post. Which is fair, when I was being disrespectful to your friend XyX, but since wasn’t… I don’t understand why you think that adding your remarks about my blog, my blog posts and (the work done by) my family (for the community) is normal. You do know what people think about this kind of ‘counter attack’, don’t you?

      And no. That board is not made by the community for the community. It was made by a company who hired a hand full of people who want to make a profit. At least that is how I look at it.

      And please. Stop mentioning “stolen” because nothing was stolen. Not now and not when the USB dongle was developed/sold. It is the same kind of deal. Same principle. Some people make money by using the work of others. And that’s a fact!

      • I’m not understanding who’s work you refer to that is being used? The dev’s involved i.e. “the hand full of people” are the only ones work there. Are you referring to Apple? If so its no different then you yourself running a hack. FakeSMC? That also wouldn’t make sense.. Im not seeing your point. Quo is trying to making a profit on a hardware sale, nothing else.

        Im going to take your response to my comment as someone who doesn’t actually know the members of this community very well and value it as such.. For you to call meklort, Xyz or any one involved with the quo project “a handful of jokers” is indeed disrespectful. You would know this if you actually had any place is this community. You do know what people think about this kind of ‘attack’, don’t you?

        Anyways, Please explain to everyone exactly what you mean by saying other peoples work is being used here. Who’s countless hours of work on all these incompatibility issues is being exploited to make money?

      • I wasn’t referring to the work of Apple, and it doesn’t matter if I run a hack or not. That is not relevant. You don’t even know what I use and how I use it. In fact. Almost all development for my hack is done on genuine Apple hardware. Not on my hack. I work remote on a hack, since I don’t even have a hack anymore.

        I used the term “jokers” after people like TheKing (and others like you joe, remember your: “your family of personalities / aliases“) keep bringing up the passing from my sister (and constantly) as if she never existed and as such didn’t die (assuming that we’re all the same person) so don’t come here and expect respect until you and the others show some respect.

        Also. I do not want a so called “place” in a community (not ever) where you kind of people show no respect and attack anyone who speaks out. Yes. I rather pass, with my head in the clouds, knowing that what they did was in fact meaningful to many people in the community. No matter what you and the others may think about it.

        And this community. That is. The one with people I have learn to respect, ever since my involvement (when I started to help my father) have all helped to put this community on the map. Not just a handful of people. Not me. Not my dad. Not my late sister. We all helped. Some with testing and others who code. Fact is. We all did our best, not just the people involved in the Quo Computer deal, but they certainly learned (and now gain) from the community.

        BTW: When you speak meklort, who used the findings of Sam for the iMessage patch and made it proprietary work, will see what I have obtained when I publish our e-mail conversations. Including the IM log files I obtained to show people who did what and when. That also shows people when/why he became one of the “jokers”.

        About your friend. Look at what he learned from my father (ACPI coding). It is there to see for everyone. And your friend has long done nothing. Just show me his work/involement to get the first, second, third and fourth generation Intel CPU’s going. Oh right. There is none whatsoever. He was still using an old board. In fact he still is.

      • It is not an ordinary motherboard. It is specifically designed/developed to run any OS, including OS X. The released UEFI firmware update complements the Quo motherboard and their advertising on kickstarter / website stating that it will run any OS. Then read the comments made over at insanelymac.com (again) because that shows Apple exactly what the true meaning of everything is. And I don’t think that this will go away without a blow in the face of some folks.

      • Case law says you are wrong. I can state that my board is compatible running mac the same way Dell did back in 2005 and stating that there systems would be ready for this integration. You need to go talk to a lawyer who under stands case law and how it pre determines the out come of lawsuits before you wildly blast a manufacture and developers alike. Apple has no grounds to sue at all. Keeping the BIOS off the system when it is shipped covers them. Besides people are already working on porting the BIOS to other boards. So Gigabyte is making the boards and is there a filling for a stop work order for manufacturing the boards… This is total BS.

      • Gigabyte won’t get sued but Quo Computers is a different story. Gigabyte did not claim OS X compatibility, but Quo Computers did. And I did consult a lawyer; Apple only need to collect enough evidence about Quo’s involvement in the UEFI BIOS development.

        P.s. If you can’t stay on-topic and be civil at the same time, then we will have to remove your comments!

      • No censorship, but your comment was uncalled for – we won’t tolerate comments about my sisters passing or comments about her work or that of other family members. Just plain logical. I mean. If you come here to complain about me being disrespectful, then please don’t start throwing with dirt yourself.

      • Working on Open Source projects in general is cool, but I don’t like Quo Computers and their involvement because it hurts the community. I mean. Why would anyone spent countless hours to solve problems and workaround incompatibility issues, for free, and then to see their work to be used to make a profit. That to me is a no-go.

      • Its not for profit. And considering that you have not made any serious contributions who are you to call out an existing developer. Stop feeding your ego and making your self up to be someone who you are not. People like you is why Open Source projects are dyeing and becoming closed source… Im done with this BS.

      • Quo Computers is a commercial enterprise setup to make a profit. The price of their motherboard/hardware isn’t the same as what they pay for it, which is only logical, but also a fact that they have to make a profit since something has to cover their expenses. It’s called running a business.

        This has nothing todo with my ego/involvement, and I’m sorry but you lost me with your: “People like you is why Open Source projects are dyeing and becoming closed source“. You mean proprietary software? That normally only happens when people need money and start asking for donation. Like yourself, remember?

  2. Pike you have a better chance at getting sued by Apple for breaking you NDA by posting about what you are doing with regards to Mavericks dev on a Hackintosh.

    You state the reason for a suit against Quo is because the board is capable of running Mac OS. Your understanding of US IP law is flawed and incorrect.

  3. Open Source
    Open Source was never ment not to be for profit – in fact – it was, the ideas behind open source was never that it should be free either – just open.
    Remember, if open source was meant to be “free”, it would have been called “free source” and not “open source”

    Donations / Profit
    As for asking for donations and creating a profit of your work within the scene, there is nothing wrong with that – at OSXL we have recieved quite alot of donations – however – we have never kept any ourself – we have donated them to other projects, bought hardware for developers, helped freelancers – donations and profit dosent have to be bad – it solely depends on what you do with it.

    Quo Computers and their project
    Wether or not they will be sued is intirely up to Apple – however, i dont find it likely that it will happend, apple is loosing momentum on the desktop side, sales are going down the drain – starting to sue a customer base that actually do spend money (most hackintosh owners tend to buy other apple stuff and spend money in the their app store) – does not seem like a logical course of action – secondly – the latest whitelisting of kexts in Mavericks kext security filtering is yet another proff that Apple have no intend on fighting the hackintosh – limit.. maybe.. fight.. no..

    The world is changing – and what Quo is doing is just the logically next step in a ongoing evolution – instead bashing out at each other and slapping people for hard work; it would benefit us all more – if we worked together for a higher goal.

    (In terms, what we are trying todo at OSXL) .. and example here Pike – if you feel.. or fear that they might be suid – then how about you help them instead – afterall .. their goal is noble and interesting.

    Best Regards,
    Leon Bollerup
    Founder, osxlatitude.com

    • I do happen to know a fair amount about the history of Open Source Software (and its licenses) but this is specifically about Quo Computers (not the general meaning of OSS) which is using the know-how obtained by many people over a long period of time (years) and then they start to make a profit from it. That to me is wrong.

      Donation in general are OK. Like Mozilla.com relied on Google.com for years, but when work becomes “beg-ware” then I won’t support it.

      Sure. Apple is the one to sue. Not me, and time will only who is right, but my post is about someone who made comments that could become evidence. Not to many people understand that, apparently, but that was all there was to read in my blog post.

      What happens now is that the people, you know the folks who comment here and in well knowns forums, like you to believe that Quo Computers is not involved in not involved with the software (UEFI) development, because they know that it could hurt Quo Computers.

      In short; My blog post was a (general) warning. Not specifically addressed to one person.

      • This goes to show how you like to gain attention to yourself and manipulate facts.. You do specifically address XyZ. Your “evidence” singles out two random posts from a whole thread about this board in which the first three posts show exactly who is involved and explain their intentions.

      • The facts are there for everyone to read. I did not manipulate anything. You and some of the other folks just want me to say what you guys think is going on, which is simply not going to happen. Not ever.

        And sure. You can shout and be angry (on IM and here) for as long as you wish. You can throw with dirt and your “wack job” ideas (see next comment) but the fact remains that you know nothing about me and my family. Your anger is part of who you are and how you react to other peoples ideas and believes – if something is not presented the way you think it is/should be, then it is wrong by definition.

        Obviously you want other people to believe you, and thus you try hard to discredit me. Which is not the first time. We all know that. Well. Good luck with that. Keep trying to convince people. Force them to see everything the same way you look at stuff. I’ll keep having my own clear ideas. Whether you like it or not.

    • I know it’s been a few years since this topic has been discussed. In regards to open source, what is your opinion on on-disk.com? Quite often I have seen the linux os get sold on disk, what is the base for macOS? Isn’t it ubuntu or not? I don’t think this subject was properly represented, or thoroughly thought out. Where does Linux get money from? Donations, which sellers such as on-disk.com provide a percentage of each item sold. Now that doesn’t include macOS and quo. That is something I don’t know much about.

      Agreed I had forgotten that the term free was intended as freedoms to create or use as you wish, not free of charge!

    • That was also what they said when my father complained about the lack of (Chameleon) source code back in the day, and when he said that the Chameleon source code was a mess. Then the source code was made public and Rekursor stepped in who started to clean the Chameleon source code.

      So in the end things did change, but not without a “fight”. The good thing is that in the end we all won, but people didn’t see it at that time. Sometimes you need someone like me who dares to challenge how things are going, despite the risk of being ridiculed by people for speaking out.

  4. So all you have is ramblings supporting yourself and whatever you think your “family” has done here? No explanation to the simple questions i asked?

    • What is this with your “family”? Is that another of your attempts to attack me and my family? And the explanation was given, really, but you seem to have missed it. Again.

      Let me ask you this simple question: What have you ever done (here) other than to bully people?

      • Hi Pike,

        I have only vaugly heard about the rumors so i wont say that i know the whole story – but wouldent it be easiser to post a copy of sam’s death certificate or picture of the thombstone (morbid as it may be – but it would kill all these rumors for good)

        Rumors is never any fun – but these are spreading as a wildfire and you need to control them before they get out of hand.. the only thing that can control it is facts.

        Bear in mind, i am not raising the questions, simply urging you to answer them with care 🙂
        Best Regards,
        Leon Bollerup

      • This is not up to me but my parents. And all I can tell you is that Sam (RevoGirl) was my sister and that she had troubles (at first) to earn respect, but now it turns out that some of these people are still not convinced. That is sad, but a fact, but also not my problem.

  5. “Family” is most definitely meant to be an attack and an attempt to discredited you even further. I really do think of as some wack job with multiple personalities and Im not the only one. If you answered my quieten about who’s hard work they are using in QUO then yes, i must have missed it.. Again!

  6. I agree with William07, many of the comments suggest the commenters have serious issues themselves. I do not believe that you have any need to prove anything to this community. One has a choice to come here or anywhere else, or not, that is what is known as free will. We are all different in respect of age, culture, background, ethnicity etc etc and opinions are always different. Forget rumours, thats all they are rumours. The main issue is that we are happy with ourselves, as often while judging others we are infact judging ourselves.

    As for discrediting others, that is up to each of us to decide.

    A point was made, we agree or we disagree, as after all it is only about hacking an OS. There are many more serious issues on our beautiful planet that require attention at this time . Please leave it be. It is not even important just more examples of chaos, and chaotic nodes..

    Peace peace peace to all.

    • This man speaks the truth. Mr Alpha, you really have no reason to talk about your family to anyone (including joe and rampage), who really only want to bully you. Talking about family matters on the internet is just gonna bring a zurg rush of trolling on the internets, which is probably something you don’t want at this time of contempt.

      So, let it be.

      • Thank you. We are most certainly not going to add anything, simply because we don’t believe that anyone deserves this kind of information. Especially not the people who post that kind of comments.

        And I will move on. Most definitely. I already published a first blog post earlier today. The one about the Hopper Disassembler, and I hope to post more good stuff soon. Including a new bash script. One that we should have made public years ago, but it was too ugly to share like it was and thus I need to polish it a bit first.

  7. yeah, poor pike.. more sympathy is exactly what you need. I know your sheep are blinded. No one was bullied here. Stating my opinions of you is in no way bullying, same as you having opinions of meklort or XyZ. I questioned your weak accusations. You were the one singling out XyZ in your rant for wrong doing.

    • We both are entitled to have/express our opinions, which is what I did here, but the way you want to express your opinion (here) is however unacceptable. For example. The people that you call “blinded sheep” do happen to have the same rights.

      And even when you think that my arguments (accusations) are weak (in your opinion) that is fine by me, but you have no authority whatsoever to tell people here, nor anywhere else for that matter, how they should read something, or to tag/label them, so yeah. This will be the last time that I will let your comment(s) pass without pruning them first from any part that have nothing to do with the blog topic.

  8. You know I’ve always imagined the king to look like the guy from Ex Machina.. You know the one with the androids. Temperament wise anyhow. Pike kind of reminds me of Mr. Robot. My favorite show right now.

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