We’re moving again

Just to let you know. I am still here, but I am extremely busy with something else right – we’re moving into a new apartment (south of Barcelona) later this week. Yah! No more barking dogs to keep us awake at night. We also get our own parking spot. Two actually. Having air-conditioning is a plus, but packing and move itself isn’t. Not at these temperatures. And knowing that we will have to move out in like five or six months again, when our new house is ready. Yup. We became property owner today. Ok. Our “bungalow” is nothing more than a large piece of rubble right now. Waiting for the bulldozer to demo it, but at least the plot is ours now. And to get it for a mere 35.000 Euro (includes everything gas/aqua/eléctrico) for this spot was a real bargain. I mean who would reject a view like this:

The better half of me is so exited that she is calling all of her friends. Me? I just tell you folks the news here and that’s about it. I mean. Who gives a beep. Right?

Update: We’re almost done and the better half of me is unpacking the boxes that we moved so far already. Our bed and other heavy stuff will be moved Friday/Saterday with rent-a-truck (dad and two of his friends are coming over this week end). This means that we won’t have Internet access over the weekend, but I do have some news about Intel CPU power management that I like to share with you. I hope to have time for it some time later this week.


2 thoughts on “We’re moving again

  1. Not a bad view at all. That’s great. And the weather will probably be quite good, too. I personally prefer the northern coast of Spain, particularly Asturias.

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