Sailing away…

Just to let you folks know:

I went to Spain as a single guy were I met this beautiful girl named Angélica during a first excursion in Barca (Barcelona). Never would have dreamed that she would be the one, but she is now not only the girl of my dreams, but also my wife.

We left the harbour of Ibiza the day after our wedding and are now on our way to Greece to meet Angélica’s grandparents. No idea where we are going, but by the time you read this… a couple days later, we are sleeping in dad’s sailboat while the auto pilot gets us where we want to be.

Thanks to Jeroen for keeping you up-to-date!

Update from Jeroen: A last-minute trip made it impossible for me to add updates from Pike – lost my iPad/iPhone – but now I am back and Pike/Angélica are also on their way back. Should be here later this week.

If you have the pin configurations for a GB-Z87M-D3H then please e-mail Pike or reply here. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Sailing away…

  1. Congratulations my man, you deserve all the happiness coming your way. Just don’t drown ’cause i need your help when you get back 😛
    Oh, and beware of ouzo.

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