I checked AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext and found the following device-id’s:

0x0090 8086 ?
0x0091 8086 ?
0x0092 8086 ?
0x0c26 8086 Intel Haswell SDV Mobile (GT3)
0x0c16 8086 Intel Haswell SDV Mobile (GT2)
0x0c06 8086 Intel Haswell SDV Mobile (GT1)
0x0c22 8086 Intel Haswell SDV Desktop (GT3)
0x0d26 8086 Intel Haswell CRW Mobile (GT3)
0x0a26 8086 Intel Haswell ULT Mobile (GT3) (MacBook Air Mid 2013)
0x0a16 8086 Intel Haswell ULT Mobile (GT2)
0x0426 8086 Intel Haswell Mobile (GT3)
0x0416 8086 Intel Haswell Mobile (GT2)
0x0406 8086 Intel Haswell Mobile (GT1)
0x0d22 8086 Intel Haswell CRW Desktop (GT3)
0x0412 8086 Intel Haswell Desktop (GT2)
0x0a2e 8086 Intel Haswell ULT Mobile (GT3)

Which I matched with help of intel_driver.h Seems like Desktop GT2 is supported. Interesting isn’t it.

Edit: Link to intel_driver.h added

4 thoughts on “AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext

  1. This is great news, though i think we still need verification that the GT2 parts work properly. I suppose we should know this pretty soon.
    Thanks for the great info as always,

  2. Hello Pikeralpha, I recently got a laptop with an Intel B960 Sandy Bridge CPU which is equipped with Intel HD graphics which is not supported on OSX, so I booted into linux to check some info and this is what I found:
    The gpu is a gen6 like the HD3000 which we know is supported, the driver for those two igpus is the same i915 under linux and the open source documentation at intel is the same for all sandy bridge gpus. I also noticed that in the info.plist of AppleIntelHD3000Graphics kext there is the id 0x01068086 under IOPCIPrimaryMatch. That is exactly the ID of this Intel HD gpu in the b960 laptop. So I am asking myself, wouldn’t it be possible to activate this gpu through the AppleIntelHD3000Graphics.kext somehow? Some patching… I disassembled the driver with hopper disassembler but I really don’t know what to look for. What do you think?

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