No yesteryear technology here

Remember this:

QUO’s AOS motherboard is the only one in the industry with Firewire 400 and 800 (1394A and 1394B)

To which I blatantly say; rubbish!

No thanks. I don’t want yesteryears technology. Not when you can get a real Intel DZ87KLT-75K reference motherboard with dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet and Thunderbolt plus HDMI on it. Not to mention that this board is designed for the Intel K series processors. And sure. It has FireWire 400 and 800 as well, for the few that still need it. That and a socket 1150 for Haswell processors. It also comes with a debug port on the board plus a Bluetooth module as well. Which I use often lately (the former).

This Intel motherboard should be available in a matter of days, for $246, and then the fun begins. Using less power. Having 4K display support. A great new faster processor that will help us to get things done in less time. In my view it is just plain stupid not to step into the world of Haswell, but I like to note that some features won’t work out of the box with OS X. Not until the new Mac Book Pro is released with OS X 10.9. Notably for display/power management support.

By the way. I was told that the QUO computer “developers” aren’t really professional developers, and are still struggling to make everything work. To deliver something that does what they said it would do. Really? Oops I guess! Well. Have fun playing guys, while I plug-in my new monitor and have some fun with todays technology. Nope. No yesteryear technology here…

p.s. It boots Windows, Linux and OS X. Like your current motherboard does. Nothing new to see here – running Any Operating System is a decade old already 🙂

One thought on “No yesteryear technology here

  1. The AOS MB is not a clear idea to me.

    It has to solve a problem (e.g. OS X for the rest of us) in a significantly better way than an ocean of other competitors. In order to succeed, the project people would need to, in addition to designing the right hardware, provide solid software, configuration and post sales support to the end consumer.

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