People who cannot count…

I have blogged about my new test lab. That I am working on it, but since I don’t own a lot of tools. In fact almost none and thus I have to order new stuff from time to time. And I guess you remember what happened last time, right?

Yup. They did it again. This time from a different shop, from a different city in Spain. Oh well. Who needs 17 boxes of wall plugs. Sure. I ordered some of them to keep stuff on my walls, but not 17 boxes! Now I have enough for the rest of my life, and my son – if I ever have one – will have enough as well LOL

I also ordered some SDS concrete drills for my Hilti hamer drill, and what do you know. I received a full box of 65 of them. Seriously? Yeah. I know. I don’t get it either.

Then I ordered a Spanish flag, and got two of them. So what the heck is wrong with the Spanish economy you ask? Hmm. People who cannot count perhaps?

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