Got to love statistics…

Someone linked me to some data and then I found one about reading statistics
Holy mackerel. We may have solved the mystery why people still think that Nasa didn’t land on the moon… but in a studio.

LOL Look mom. I finally got a job. I know son. You’re with Nasa now. Just don’t make the same mistake. Keep an eye on the shadow. No worries mom. Nasa will land somewhere outside the studio, we just don’t know where that may be… since we have to rely on Russian shuttles these days. Said to be junk, but at least they don’t explode.

On a more serious note. If this data is true, which I think isn’t by the way, then the US would be in real trouble. I mean when 46% of american adults cannot even understand the labels on their prescriptions… they might die as a result of an OD. I also wonder how the U.S. adults, of which 50% of them are unable to read an 8th grade level book, are going to support their children with their homework. I guess not. So what happens with their children? I guess their future isn’t that bright after all.

Source: Read Faster, Reading Stats


One thought on “Got to love statistics…

  1. If we take it line by line, and relaxes the definitions, we could find some truth in this myth.

    For example on drug labels, I concur – it starts with the line Active Ingredient. No one except an alchemist knows the line. For % of books reading to completion – yep, I have piles abandoned on my shelf.

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