Lost work due to an accidental rm…

Giving someone access to your local Github repository, in my case my RevoBoot and thus also ssdtPRGen repository, helped Jeroen to get stuff done for me… but earlier today I lost my local RevoBoot repository. Here is what happened.

Jeroen was about to test something for me, and then I want him to RM his RevoBoot directory. He only forgot that he was working remote, on my local drive, and thus POOF.

At that time I was updating ssdtPRGen and all of the sudden my Xcode window was emptied out. I had no clue what was going on. Not until Jeroen asked me why he couldn’t retrieve the latest files from the public repository. Well Jeroen. That is because I signed an NDA (remember) and thus I did not commit my work into the public repository, because that is verboten. I can’t do that. Not until the NDA is lifted. And since you RM’ed my local repository… we have to start over from scratch!

This of course is my own fault, because I should have made a backup first. Well I did, but in the RevoBoot directory and since that is gone now. Yeah. I love Sunday mornings… when I should have been doing something else instead of swearing.


4 thoughts on “Lost work due to an accidental rm…

    • No worries. We have it covered. – I remembered most of my changes for ssdtPRGen and thus that should be fine.

      The Haswell specific changes for RevoBoot are much more problematic, but I am about to disassemble my boot file to get the job done.

    • Sure. I do use Time Machine for backups, normally, but I installed a Apricorn Velocity Solo x2 with two Samsung Pro 256 GB drives and simply ran out of time. Bad excuse maybe, but I was busy with my new Haswell setup.

      Note: The card isn’t mine. Just a loaner to see if I like it, which I do by the way. Totally, and thus now I want one.

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