Hit and miss

Last week I decided to order some parts for my new lab. I also ordered some parts for a new build. This should all have been easy, but it wasn’t. Here is what happened.

Today the goods arrived. First I got two Dell monitors, instead of one. Which I of course did not accept and thus everything had to be returned. Bah!

Then I was asked to reorder. Which I kindly declined telling them I first want to receive the monitor I already payed for. Or else I may end up with two monitors after all. And since I only want one monitor to see if I want to order more…

A few hours later the new tools for my lab arrived. The poor guy had troubles carrying everything so I helped him. I signed and he drove off. I was wondering why this box was so darn heavy. I took it into my lab and opened it to find two cartons inside the box, instead of one. Hmm.

Then I opened one carton to find the two pieces I ordered. Great. So what is in the other box? Exactly the same stuff. Why? Because I can’t count. At least that was the explanation of the lady on the phone.

I checked the website and verified that I didn’t pay for the extra delivery. Nope. All fine here. So I received four parts for the price of two. I didn’t gave up and phoned again. The lady was pissed and hang up after she said that I couldn’t count, or may have issues understanding their ordering process. Excuse me? Hey lady. I was only trying to return the stuff that don’t belong to me. Now what?

I left the goods in the carton and e-mailed someone from their management. Let’s see what this brings. Wait for it. Here’s their answer. First. This person wasn’t too happy… about me complaining. He also wrote to trust his employees and when I think to have received too much, then I should be happy instead of complaining about it. Ok. I won’t Thanks!


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